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Alan Silvestri's Night At The Museum
23-Jan-2007 - Varèse Sarabande has released Night At The Museum, the story of good-hearted dreamer Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) who, despite being perpetually down on his luck, thinks he’s destined for something big. But even he could never have imagined how “big,” when he accepts what appears to be a menial job as a graveyard-shift security guard at a museum of natural history. During Larry’s watch, extraordinary things begin to occur: Mayans, Roman Gladiators and cowboys emerge from their diorama to wage epic battles; in his quest for fire, and a Neanderthal burns down his own display. Amidst the chaos, the only person Larry can turn to for advice is a wax figure of President Teddy Roosevelt (Robin Williams. Straight from the Jurassic era comes this gargantuan action adventure score by Alan Silvestri, featuring a monstrous symphony orchestra.
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