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The Dark Ages on History Channel
26-Feb-2007 -

When the world resigned from the human race.

After the fall of Rome and before the rebirth of the Renaissance, Europe survived six centuries of continental revolution characterized by famine, plague and bloodshed – a time known as The Dark Ages. At its worst, life in the Dark Ages was miserable, brutish and — for the fortunate — short. But through the darkness shone scattered rays of light, men and women who tended the flame of progress while the world around them descended into chaos. Those points of light brought about the footprint of modern Europe both politically and culturally. The two-hour special THE DARK AGES explores the unprecedented period spanning the fall of Rome and Europe’s “medieval awakening.”

Often viewed as a period of violence and brutality, the Dark Ages also brought about a different kind of continental revolution. The ethnic and political borders of modern Europe, particularly in France and Britain, began to take root in the Dark Ages. The idea of smaller communities uniting to create a larger nation became prevalent during this period, as a form of protection for the citizens. The birth of Christianity also laid the foundation for the modern world. "This was a time when you see the landscape of Europe as we think of it today, with Christianity really coming to encompass all of northern Europe, with the cities that we think of today as being important places - like Paris and London. These things all have their roots in the era that we call the 'Dark Ages.'" says Brett Whalen, Assistant Professor of History at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, who is interviewed in the program.

Through dramatic high-definition cinematography and compelling storytelling, The Dark Ages sheds light on the turbulent period between 410 A.D., when Rome fell to the Visigoths, and 1095 A.D., when Pope Urban II launched the First Crusade.

The strong, nearly symphonic music is written by Kerry Muzzey.

THE DARK AGES premieres Sunday, March 4th at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The History Channel®.

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