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Ezio Bosso's Rosso Come Il Cielo
11-Mar-2007 - CAM Original Soundtracks in Italy has released the score for Rosso Come Il Cielo (Red Like The Sky). This new precious film, directed by Cristiano Bortone, was inspired by the true story of Mirco Mencacci who despite his being blind, became one of the best sound editors in Italian cinema. Starring Paolo Sassanelli (Don Giulio), Luca Capriotti (Mirco), Marco Cocci (Ettore), Simone Colombari (Achille), Rosanna Gentile (Teresa), and Francesca Maturanza (Francesca). The sensitive, very melodical and introspective score is composed and conducted by double-bass virtuoso, Ezio Bosso.
For more info and ordering, visit CAM Original Soundtracks.

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