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9-Jul-2009 - Digitmovies has released four new soundtracks. Among them is the extended and improved re-issue of the score for E Poi Lo Chiamarono Il Magnifico (1972) with music by the famous Italian brothers, Guido & Maurizio De Angelis. From Piero Piccioni comes a world premiere, the release of his music for one of the episodes of Le Streghe (1967), and of course there is a new release - the thirteenth! - in Digitmovies' Peplum series: the complete score for Il Ladro Di Bagdad (1960), written by the renowned Carlo Rustichelli. And last but not least - and for the first time on CD - the music for Missione Eroica, I Pompieri 2 and Scuola Di Ladri Parte Seconda, a double feature dedicated to the Italian comedy music by Bruno Zambrini.


Digitmovies has released as volume XIII of the series dedicated to
the Italian Peplum the complete score of Carlo Rustichelli for the
adventurous film Il Ladro Di Bagdad (1960), starring Steve Reeves.
The orchestral soundtrack of Carlo Rustichelli was only available on
an LP (Phoenix PHCAM 10) in 1987. Thanks to the great help of the
friends at C.A.M., the complete mono master tapes of the original
1960 recording session could be used and in addition to the material
(35: 28) already issued on the Phoenix LP extra material has been added
bringing the CD to the long duration of 66: 41.
A crucial rescue of the Italian Golden Age film music. 

Digitmovies has re-released on CD the score of the mythical De Angelis
brothers for the movie E Poi Lo Chiamarono Il Magnifico (1972).
Guido & Maurizio De Angelis were recruited to write the score. A note for
collectors and audiophiles: for this ultimate edition Digitmovies did not use
the album master assembled in 1972 (used for the previous CD), but they
digitally recreated the original album mock-up's sequence/editing with all
the takes taken directly from the stereo session tapes. And this new
version has a really improved sound quality.

For the first time and in full stereo on CD, the music of the prolific
Bruno Zambrini for two successful Italian comedies: Missione Eroica -
I Pompieri 2
(1987) (Heroic mission the firefighters 2) and Scuola
Di Ladri Parte Seconda
(1987) (School of thieves part 2).
At the time of the films' releases RCA produced a series of promotional
albums which were printed only in a limited edition for use as radio and
TV background. For this CD the complete session master tapes in full stereo
which have been preserved in the RCA archives, has been used.

Digitmovies has released for the first time on CD the complete score in mono
and in full stereo by Piero Piccioni for the episodes La Strega Bruciata Viva
by Luchino Visconti and Una Sera Come Le Altre by Vittorio De Sica for the
1967 movie Le Streghe. This CD (with a total duration close to 63 minutes)
focuses only on the music of Piero Piccioni for this film. The tapes were kept
in the private archives of M ° Piccioni and they have been found with the big
help of Jason Piccioni, the son of the composer. Two ¼ reel tapes, one in
stereo and one in mono, which have been preserved until today in very good
conditions, have really given Digitmovies the chance to realize this - until
today impossible - record dream.

For more info and ordering, visit Digitmovies in Italy.

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