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Michael Danna's music for Ang Lee's Life Of Pi
6-Nov-2012 -

The music guides viewers by means of emotions through a film that raises big philosophical and religious questions.
Sony Music announces the release of Mychael Danna’s Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of Life Of Pi, a journey of adventure and a tale of personal discovery based on the best-selling novel by Yann Martel. The soundtrack recording of Life of Pi is available from Sony Classical on Tuesday, November 19, 2012.

Life of Pi takes place over three continents, two oceans, many years, and a wide universe of imagination. Director Ang Lee’s vision, coupled with stunning 3D visuals, has turned a novel long thought un-filmable into a thrillingly audacious mix of grand storytelling and powerful and provocative themes.

Mychael Danna’s sensitive composition and innovative choice of instrumentation reflect the international character as well as the religious and philosophical aspects of Life of Pi. The music, in the composer’s words, “guides viewers by means of emotions through a film that raises big philosophical and religious questions.” His thoughtful instrumentation also lends structure to the movie. The Indian flute, for example, is associated in the music with Pi himself, the mysterious woodwind sound of the Persian ney with the tiger.
A Los Angeles studio orchestra recorded the score, while the use of an Indonesian gamelan and typically French instruments – celeste, accordion – also does justice to the cultural breadth of the story. Indian elements are recognizable in the sitar, percussion, and the mantras chanted by a choir. In addition to writing the original score, Danna co-wrote the film’s original song “Pi’s Lullaby” with Indian vocalist Bombay Jayashri, who performs the song in her native Tamil language. 
Available from, Amazon UK, Amazon France and Amazon Germany and digitally via iTunes      

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