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2-Feb-2013 -

Incubo Sulla Città Contaminata
Digitmovies has released the complete score in full stereo by Stelvio Cipriani for the movie Incubo Sulla Città Contaminata (aka "Nightmare City"). For this CD they had access to the master tapes in stereo kept in good condition in the archives of Cinevox which, besides the album master, have allowed them to assemble this final CD presentation with restored sound and a total time of 55:08 minutes. Stelvio Cipriani has written a perfect score to describe the scenes of violence on the border of splatter, creating electronic themes which alternate suspense and mystery moods with funk and rock rhythmics and which on the screen create a synergy with the images of Lenzi and on disc generate particular emotions for the listener.
Also from Digitmovies: for the first time on CD the complete score in full stereo by the legendary brothers Guido & Maurizio De Angelis for the movie L’Arbitro (aka “Football Crazy”). At the time, RCA released a 45 rpm single (TBBO 1017) with the themes “Miss Elena” and “(I’m) Football Crazy” (played by Giorgio Chinaglia), but in the RCA archives, in addition to the stereo master tapes of the original recording session, they have made a great discovery: an album mock-up with ten selections (35:04) that never saw the light in 1974, and moreover they also found about 25:47 of alternate material that gives their CD a total duration of 60:51.
Grazie Zia
And finally Digitmovies, with collaboration of the Gruppo Sugar, has released Ennio Morricone's score for the dramatic movie Grazie Zia (aka ” Merci ma tante”). For this CD and with the full approval of the author, they could use the mono master tapes of the original session and include every recorded note (40:19) which includes both the material issued on the Italian and the French singles, but with the exclusion of one source music piece: a dance floor shake based on “Auschwitz” by Francesco Guccini from the year 1967 and which was not included in the master tapes.
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