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Enjott Schneider – Werke Für Film Und Fernsehen
4-Feb-2013 -

Alhambra Records has released Enjott Schneider – Werke Für Film Und Fernsehen. For the last 20 years Enjott Schneider has been one of the most profilic German composers. He composed symphonies, operas, organ music, sacred music, but also many fantastic film and television scores.

Besides other awards, Schneider was awarded with the FIPA d’or (best film music) at the Biarritz Festival for Jahrestage (dir. Margarethe von Trotta). 

This impressive 6-CD-Set is a summary of many highlights in Enjott Schneider’s career as a film-composer and contains nearly 8 hours of music from all genres: War drama, family movie, fairy tale, thriller, mystery/horror, Christmas-movie and documentary.

For example, Enjott Schneider was also awarded with the German Film Award (best film score) for Silent Shadows (dir. Sherry Horman), March of Millions (dir. K. Wessel) and They Were Not All Murderers (dir. J. Baier). Of course, these three scores are included in this 6-CD-set as well as such important and famous scores as Stalingrad (dir. J. Vilsmaier) and many others.

The CD-set contains a detailed 40-page booklet with many photos from the films and with commentaries about all the scores. It is a quite unique document of important German film music.

This CD-box is limited to only 500 copies, but not all of them are for public sale so it could happen that this 6-CD-set will soon become a rarity.

For more info and ordering, visit Alhambra Records.


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