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European Round Table "Music And Film"
3-Nov-2005 - Round Table in Cooperation with the European Coordination of Film Festivals ECFF.

For some years now the relationship between "music and film" has been a major theme of the Braunschweig International Film Festival. The Film Festival has made a name for itself in Germany with retrospectives and lectures on famous composers of film music (Edward Artemiev, Antoine Duhamel, Zbigniew Preisner), with the Short Film Music Award "The Leo", and with live musical accompaniment to silent film screenings in cooperation with the Braunschweig State Orchestra.

Numerous talks with young as well as established composers of film music on these occasions have made clear that professional work in the field of film music is characterized by some basic difficulties typical of the branch.

The following points proved problematical for young talent:
- difficult access to the often isolated film music market
- the often precarious conditions of existence for artists in the area of film music
- the general aesthetic undervaluing of film music by producers and directors
- the frequently late inclusion of film music during the process of film production
- difficulties between director, sound designer and composer
- problems making contracts with organizers and producers (wages, insurance, rights of use)
- lack of opportunity for public exchange of professional experiences in the area of film music

In cooperation with the European Coordination Of Film Festivals the 19th Brunswick International Film Festival (Nov. 8-13, 2005) would like to explore the question as to what contribution the film festivals in Europe specializing in film music can make to increase interest in the significance of film music and to improve the cooperation between young film music composers and directors.

To this end representatives from several European festivals that focus on film and music will be invited to Brunswick as will film makers and composers. Here they will participate in a round table. A film-music workshop, talks and film presentations will also form part of the programme.

The event will be held in English. Translators will be present.

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