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Chris Corner's Les Chevaliers Du Ciel
1-Dec-2005 - Naïve France has released the original soundtrack for Les Chevaliers Du Ciel, a stunning French movie with "Great casting, hot girls, and 100% full-loaded adrenalin planes. Top gun finally have a challenger" as a viewer said. It's the story of a Mirage 2000, that during a demonstration flight at the aero exhibition in Farnborough, England, has disappeared over the North Sea. The pilots Antoine Marchelli and Sébastien Valois are immediately send on patrol to search for the airplane. This incident is the start of a gigantic manipulation, that has his final act playing on the 14th of July in the heart of Paris, above the Champs-Elysées. Chris Corner, leader of the London group Sneaker Pimps, wrote an intruiging score that gives an extra dimension to the movie.
For more info, visit Naïve France.

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