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Fernando Velázquez's Alma
5-Sep-2022 - Quartet Records, in collaboration with Netflix, presents the original soundtrack by acclaimed Spanish composer Fernando Velázquez for the Sci-Fi drama series Alma (aka The Girl In The Mirror) directed by Sergio G. Sánchez, a director with whom Velázquez had already worked on the film Marrowbone. The story is about Alma, who after surviving a bus accident in which almost all her classmates die, wakes up in a hospital with no memory of the incident … or of her past. The composer provides an intense, dramatic and highly vigorous score with thick orchestral colors, beautifully orchestrated for large orchestra and chorus, and featuring a haunting main theme. Performed by the Principado de Asturias Symphony Orchestra under the baton of the composer. For more info and ordering, visit Quartet Records.
Jed Kurzel & Kevin Kiner's Samaritan
26-Aug-2022 - Lakeshore Records has released Samaritan - Amazon Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, featuring music by award-winning composers Jed Kurzel (The Babadook) and Kevin Kiner (Star Wars: The Clone Wars). available now digitally worldwide. Samaritan is an MGM film directed by Jules Avery and starring Sylvester Stallone.It's the story of a young boy who learns that a superhero who was thought to have gone missing after an epic battle twenty years ago may in fact still be around. The score encompasses the dark thriller vibes of Samaritan, with a menacing sound that combines electronic music with traditional orchestration to haunting effect. For ordering visit and Amazon France.
Barry Gray's The Secret Service
18-Aug-2022 - Silva Screen Records has released The Secret Service with music by Barry Gray. To appropriately reflect the The Secret Service’s premise and compliment the gentle title sequence created to introduce the series, Barry Gray decided step completely away from his usual attention-grabbing themes and write a three-part fugue in the style of the Baroque composer Bach. To perform the vocals, the Mike Sammes Singers were hired, the vocal group who Gray had used on the Supercar theme back in 1961. Once coupled with soft organ and minimalist percussion, a truly unique piece of inventive music was born to bookend Father Unwin's adventures, which perfectly captured the off-beat nature of the series. For more info and ordering, visit Silva Screen Records.
Ennio Morricone's Red Sonja
5-Aug-2022 - Quartet Records, in collaboration with Studio Canal, presents an expanded, remastered edition of Ennio Morricone’s classic sword-and-sorcery score for Red Sonja (1985), directed by Richard Fleischer. Initially conceived as a kind of continuation of the Conan saga started three years earlier by the same producer, Dino de Laurentiis, the original idea was to tie in Sonja’s character with the rest of the Conan universe and create a trilogy featuring the hulky Cimmerian. But the picture eventually became just a loose appendage to the franchise, although it kept the same director as Conan The Destroyer and Schwarzenegger as the main star. Ennio Morricone, who took over after Basil Poledouris scored the first films, provides a powerful and exciting score dominated by an epic march as the main theme, far away from the Poledouris style. The score also features a beautiful love theme, fierce action cues, adventure music and dark and mystical passages. For more info and ordering, visit Quartet Records.
Ludovic Bource's OSS 117: Le Caire Nid D'Espions/Rio Ne Répond Plus...
26-Jul-2022 - Japanese CD release! Two original soundtracks to the spy comedy series OSS 117: Le Caire Nid D'Espions and OSS 117: Rio Ne Répond Plus... from Academy Award-winning director Michel Azanavicius and star Jean Dujardin is now available on one CD! Even though the film was made in the 2000s, it has plenty of the feel of an old movie and pays homage to Azanavicius' 60s spy films. The music, too, is full of homage and respect. Arrangements in the style of John Barry from "007" and melodies in the style of Burt Bacharach. The music, which also evokes Lalo Schifrin and Neal Hefti, was composed by Ludovic Bource, who won the Academy Award for Best Original Score and the Golden Globe for "The Artist". For more info and ordering, visit Music Box Records.

2-Jul-2022 -
James Horner's Clear And Present Danger
29-Jun-2022 - La-La Land Records and Paramount Pictures present a remastered and expanded 2-CD soundtrack reissue of James Horner’s original motion picture score to the 1994 feature film dramatic thriller Clear And Present Danger. Previously out of print, Horner’s propulsive orchestral score to the hit Jack Ryan dramatic thriller returns with this deluxe, stellar-sounding remastered presentation, expanded with previously unreleased music. Teeming with smoldering drama and explosive action, Horner’s dynamic and intricate score is a sensational work that takes its place among the composer’s finest 90s thriller/action titles. Produced by Dan Goldwasser and mastered by Doug Schwartz from the studio’s original high-resolution Sony MSD-1200 Digital Audio Master Discs, this 2-CD presentation also features the film version of the main titles for the first time on a soundtrack release. For more info and ordering, visit La_La Land Records.
Ernest Gold's Cross Of Iron
12-Jun-2022 - Quartet Records, in collaboration with StudioCanal and Capitol Records, presents the premiere CD reissue of the powerful score by Ernest Gold for Sam Peckinpah’s anti-war classic Cross Of Iron (1977)Gold immediately grasped the sardonic, bitterly ironic tone of the film. His brilliant “Main Titles” cue features a children’s choir singing the traditional song “Hänschen klein” (or “Little Johnny”) in alternation with a contrasting German march to show the absurdity of war. Gold also provides an operatic, dark background score and a dramatic, powerful “Steiner’s Theme,” for the James Coburn character. This new CD release contains the same program previously released on LP by EMI in the UK. The album includes virtually all the music Gold recorded, with around 15 minutes more music than the film itself. For more info and ordering, visit Quartet Records.
Michael Kamen's The Iron Giant
27-May-2022 - Varèse Sarabande Records announces the LP release of The Iron Giant (Deluxe Edition) with music by Michael Kamen. The 2-LP package taps directly into the ethos of the film, with a pull tab opening the Giant’s die-cut eyes on the front jacket. Creating The Iron Giant’s beautiful, sympathetic score was Michael Kamen's one of his last major scores and his first animated film, miles away from the action blockbusters for which he had become known, but much closer to his heart. Kamen’s gorgeous score is full of melody, humor and sensitivity, grandly performed by the Czech Philharmonic. This Deluxe Edition adds an additional 13 minutes of alternates, outtakes and rare demos—including a piano-and-guitar attempt at an unrealized song, “Souls Don’t Die,” based on Kamen’s theme, performed by Kamen and Eric Clapton. For more info and ordering, visit Varèse Sarabande.
Jerry Goldsmith’s Seconds
16-May-2022 - Quartet Records, in collaboration with Paramount Pictures, presents a remastered, restored and slightly expanded edition of Jerry Goldsmith’s marvelous score for Seconds (1966)Jerry Goldsmith’s fascinating score take us on a musical journey through one of his finest works, building on the psychological complexity of scores such as FREUD and his work on THE TWILIGHT ZONE while anticipating the effective contrast of sacred and profane on future projects such as his OMEN trilogy. In addition to the original score, also is included as bonus material the source music for the long cocktail sequence, which was specifically recorded for the film and conducted by Goldsmith – including a source piece by the master himself. For more info and orderin, visit Quartet Records.
Tangerine Dream’s Firestarter
15-May-2022 - Varèse Sarabande revisits the glory days of 1980s sci-fi “synthwave” with a new edition of Tangerine Dream’s classic electronic score for Firestarter (1984)The band considered Firestarter one of their most challenging scores, as they needed to provide not only suspense and pace for the paranormal chases and powers, but an emotional sensitivity to the child protagonist. New liner notes by Randall D. Larson explain how the band did not score to picture, but created “wild” cues to be used by the film’s music editors. Hence this 11 track program is the same as MCA Records’ 1984 soundtrack album, released by Varèse Sarabande on CD in 1990, and newly remastered for this long-awaited reissue. For more info and ordering, visit Varèse Sarabande.  
Fernando Di Leo’s Trilogy
21-Apr-2022 - Quartet Records, in collaboration with Universal Music Publishing Italia and GDM, presents a 3-CD box set with the premiere releases of three scores from Fernando di Leo’s insane trilogy about love, sex and madness – all released in 1969!

6-Apr-2022 -
Roy Budd's Get Carter
2-Apr-2022 - Music on Vinyl has released Get Carter, the classic 1971 British gangster movie, starring Michael Caine in a career-defining role as a London gangster out for revenge in the grim North. It could easily have come with a period glam rock soundtrack, but it sounded so much better with cool jazz. The album features classy, cool and slightly edgy jazz that evokes the gritty imagery of the film. The iconic soundtrack, recorded on a tiny budget, was written by the jazz prodigy Roy Budd. The score continues to inspire musicians worldwide. Performed by Budd, in interplay with Jeff Clyne and Chris Karan (both of the Dudley Moore Trio), the trio carry the emotional weight of the soundtrack which has led to a number of covers and tributes. For more info and ordering, visit Music on Vinyl.
Stelvio Cipriani's Incubo Sulla Citta’ Contaminata
14-Mar-2022 - Quartet Records, in collaboration with Cinevox Records, reissues a classic Stelvio Cipriani score for Umberto Lenzi’s 1980 cult horror plague film Incubo Sulla Citta’ ContaminataStelvio Cipriani’s iconic score is largely electronic with a few live instruments providing a bit of light-hearted counterpoint to carnage. The music features heart-pumping action cues for the attacks themselves and a restrained solitude theme for the moments of reflection on the anti-nuclear message; even a selection of catchy pop tracks pop up in the mix. These fun bits serve as the perfect counterpoint to the film’s most notorious sequence, a zombie hoard’s attack on a televised aerobics class. For more info and ordering, visit Quartet Records.  
Pino Donaggio: Greatest Hits From The Cinevox Archives
4-Mar-2022 - On the occasion of Maestro Pino Donaggio’s 80th birthday, Cinevox Record releases Pino Donaggio: Greatest Hits From The Cinevox Archives, a double cd dedicated to him. The compilation is a sincere hommage to one of the greatest artists in film music. During his career the great composer from Venice collaborated with several famous Italian and international directors (Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci, Pupi Avati, Brian De Palma and many more), dealing with the most different genres and moving from horror to western, from erotic movies to dramas, from comedies to Italian tv series. Pino Donaggio often collaborated with the label Cinevox Record, which released some of his most appreciated soundtracks. The double cd includes tracks from these productions and permits to enter the composer’s musical universe and to know the Maestro’s talent and versatility. Some tracks are on CD for the first time. For more info and ordering, visit Cinevox Record.
Joseph Stephens' The Righteous Gemstones
3-Mar-2022 - Milan Records has released the Original Series Soundtrack to Season 2 of HBO®’s The Righteous Gemstones  by multi-instrumentalist, composer and songwriter Joseph Stephens. Available everywhere now, the album features both instrumental score music and original vocal songs written by Stephens for the second season of the comedy series about a world-famous televangelist family. Returning to the series after scoring the first season, Stephens has created what he calls a “massive soundscape with a wide palette of sonic vibrations and textures.” The resulting 50-track collection reflects this expansiveness, ranging from synth-heavy instrumentals punctuated by operatic choral voices, distant whispers and manipulated tape machines to original worship songs and Christian Rock parodies.For more info, visit the facebook.
Carlo Savina's Lisa And The Devil
16-Feb-2022 - Quartet Records in collaboration with Mercury Music Publishing Ltd. and the Carlo Savina estate, is proud to present the worldwide premiere release of fan-favorite giallo score from Mario Bava’s cult movie Lisa And The Devil with an iconic score by Carlo Savina. Carlo Savina’ score is a wonderful romantic horror score with a main theme inspired by Joaquín Rodrigo’s “Concierto de Aranjuez” (Bava used to play the piece on the set, so its appearance is not surprising). The thematically engaging score features a music box theme for the appearance of the nefarious Leandro and Edda dell’Orso’s vocals are used in haunting flashback scenes. The CD features all the music written by Savina for the film in beautiful pristine stereo. For more info and ordering, visit Quartet Records.

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