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Ennio Morricone’s The Thing
29-May-2020 - Quartet Records, Geffen Records and Universal Music Special Markets present the long-awaited remastered reissue of Ennio Morricone’s iconic score for the sci-fi/horror film The ThingCarpenter turned to the Italian maestro to compose the original score for The Thing since it was his first film with a big studio budget. Due to scheduling conflicts, Morricone composed the music after viewing the film before it was even complete. He recorded the synthesizer parts in Rome and the large orchestra in Los Angeles. Ultimately, more than half the score was not used in the film, and some parts were replaced by electronic music newly composed by Carpenter and Howarth. However, Morricone’s work has developed a cult following. It is one of the scores most appreciated by the composer’s fans, and also by Carpenter fans. For more info and ordering, visit Quartet Records.
Klaus Doldinger's Das Boot
28-May-2020 - Music on Vinyl will release the complete music for Das Boot, a successful German war film written and directed by Wolfgang Petersen, starring Jürgen Prochnow, Herbert Grönemeyer, and Klaus Wennemann. The soundtrack for the movie was composed and produced by Klaus Doldinger, known for his work in jazz and as a film music composer. The characteristic lead melody of the soundtrack, took on a life of its own after German rave group U96 created a remixed "techno version" in 1991. For more info and ordering, visit Music on Vinyl.  
Lee Holdridge's Mr. Mom
15-May-2020 -   Quartet Records and MGM present the world premiere release of the original score to the 1983 family comedy Mr. Mom, composed by Lee Holdridge.The hit film tells the story of a recently unemployed Detroit automotive engineer, who becomes a stay-at-home dad while his wife returns to a career in the advertising business. Holdridge’s score is a sheer delight, providing a sophisticated component to the film. Descriptive, romantic, funny…thirty-seven years after its recording, it’s finally being released. Working from recently located original mono ¼” tapes and 35mm 3-track mag, the CD contains the main score presentation and additional source music in mono, with surviving stereo tracks presented separately. For more info and ordering, visit Quartet Records.
Stephen Warbeck/Shirley Walker's Mystery Men
5-May-2020 - La-La Land Records and Universal Studios present their eighth title within the Universal Pictures Film Music Heritage Collection -- the world premiere official release of the original motion picture score Mystery Men. A vital component of its appeal is the notable and dynamic score by Oscar winning composer Stephen Warbeck with additional music by Shirley Walker. These two talents fashion a powerhouse, rich-in-theme orchestral score that expertly manages the film’s complicated balancing act of satire, action and character. Released here for the very first time in any format, fans are finally able to savor this thrilling work from both major composers - Warbeck’s score featured on disc 1 and Walker’s contributions on disc 2. For more info and ordering, visit La-La Land Records.

30-Mar-2020 -
Bill Conti's The Big Fix
28-Mar-2020 - From Varèse Sarabande comes the first-ever soundtrack release for The Big Fix with music by Bill Conti. The music was newly mixed and mastered in high resolution from the original multi-track scoring masters housed at Universal Studios. This presentation offers far more music than is heard in the film: Conti’s original cues not only offer a glimpse into the evolution of the Big Fix score, but into the versatility which is the hallmark of the composer’s craft. Conti brings out every weapon in his considerable musical arsenal for this soundtrack. Along with distinctive motifs, he energetically celebrates disco and out-and-out jazz, sometimes in one cue. In short, The Big Fix is a dazzling display of this essential composer’s wide-ranging talents. For more info and ordering, visit Varèse Sarabande.
Nino Rota's Prova d'Orchestra
3-Mar-2020 - In collaboration with Gruppo Sugar, Music Box Records presents the extended premiere of the last Federico Fellini/Nino Rota collaboration - Prova d'Orchestra. The highly unorthodox score by Nino Rota features a rehearsal and performance of 3 pieces. The original LP featured a sound collage on Side A and the pieces on Side B - but with dialogue inserts and instruction from the cinematic conductor. This CD has the complete release of all the music recorded for the film, some cues conducted by Carlo Savina, others by Armando Trovajoli. The CD contains the original remastered LP program as well as the 10-minute music only suite compiled for the 1991 CD release. Additionally, there are about 16 minutes of previously unreleased material, featuring unused and alternate takes of Rota's cues. For more info and ordering, visit Music Box Records. 
John William's Far And Away
2-Mar-2020 - La-La Land Records, in association with Universal Pictures, Imagine Entertainment and Geffen Records, presents the remastered and expanded 2-CD reissue of John Williams’ original motion picture score to the 1992 period drama Far And Away. Maestro John Williams unleashes a powerhouse orchestral score for this lavish and historic romantic epic, set against the giant canvas of the Oklahoma Land Rush of the early 1890s. With powerful contributions from legendary Irish musicmakers The Chieftains, Williams creates a musicscape that swells with traditional Irish sounds and themes -- expertly blended within the dramatic and romantic orchestral swirl. For more info and ordering, visit La-La Land Records.  
Carlo Savina's Perversione/Stress
20-Feb-2020 - Quartet Records and Gruppo Sugar present the premiere releases of two Carlo Savina psychedelic cult classics. The score for Perversione (La Encadenada) is largely based around a piano theme for the character of the son – actor Anthony Steffen was actually an accomplished pianist and had played musicians in several of his films. The depraved hallucinations feature the incomparable vocal solos of Edda dell’Orso. Savina’s score for Stress is quite short and is largely characterized by a baroque feel reinforcing the ideas of the prodigal son’s returning with children’s vocals, lullabies and a cembalo. The main and end credits featuring Edda dell’Orso are available for the first time as they were replaced with classical and folk music respectively. For more info and ordering, visit Quartet Records.
David Newman's Hoffa
8-Feb-2020 - La-La Land Records and 20th Century Fox present the remastered and expanded re-issue of composer David Newman’s original motion picture score to the 1992 historical dramatic epic Hoffa. An important work in composer David Newman’s canon, HOFFA is an orchestral wonder, grand in emotional scope and sweep, evoking and supporting the powerful dramatic waves inherent in this film’s true-story telling of the rise and fall of the U.S. labor movement’s titular hero, Jimmy Hoffa. This limited edition release of 2000 units features a running time of more than 30 minutes beyond the original 1993 soundtrack presentation, featuring previously unreleased cues and bonus tracks. For more info and ordering, visit La-La Land Records.
Rob's Papicha
2-Feb-2020 - In collaboration with Hippocampus and High Sea Production, Music Box Records presents the premiere CD release of the score for Mounia Meddour's Papicha (2019) composed by Rob (Maniac, Planetarium, The Bureau). Algeria, 1990s. Nedjma, an 18 year-old student passionate about fashion design refuses to let the tragic events of the Algerian Civil War to keep her from experiencing a normal life. As the social climate becomes more conservative, she rejects the new bans set by the radicals and decides to fight for her freedom and independence by putting on a fashion show. Rob composed a very delicate and haunting score which emphasizes the energy, the freshness and the charisma of the lead characters. The album contains two exclusive bonus tracks that are not available on digital release. For more info and ordering, visit Music Box Records.
Zeltia Montes' El Silencio Del Pantano
23-Jan-2020 - Quartet Records and Zeta Audiovisual present a new score composed by Zeltia Montes (ADIOS, FRAGIL EQUILIBRIO, VILAMOR) for the thriller-drama El Silencio Del Pantano (THE SILENCE OF TH SWAMP). Directed by Marc Vigil, the film is about a writer of crime stories, who discovers that the reality is more criminal than the stories he writes. Zetia Montes’ provides an intense, exciting and highly vigorous score with thick herrmannesque orchestral colors - lyrical, dark and rhythmic, including a haunting main theme. The music is sensitively performed by the Filmharmonic Orchestra of Prague under the baton of the director Joan Martorell. For more info and ordering, visit Quartet Records.
Martin Phipps' The Crown: Season 3
21-Jan-2020 - Music on Vinyl will release on February 21 the score for The Crown: Season 3. The series feature an entirely new cast of acclaimed actors taking over the very famous royal roles of the earlier two series.. The music for season three is composed by Martin Phipps, who has previously composed soundtracks for Black Mirror and Peaky Blinders. This neo-minimalistic score makes use of different tempos, string-based undertones and brass chorus lines. It's a limited edition of 750 individually numbered copies on green marbled (transparent green & black mixed) vinyl. For more info and ordering, visit Music on Vinyl.
Danny Elfman's Dolores Claiborne
20-Jan-2020 - Varèse Sarabande has released the 2-CD DeLuxe Edition of Dolores Claiborne, one of the most important and impressive film scores of Danny Elfman. Dolores Claiborne is an often overlooked and grossly under-appreciated score from the maestro. Not only does it depart from Elfman’s characteristic style both aurally and compositionally, but it also displays Elfman’s maturity as a filmmaker and storyteller using music to define, paint, and coax a psychological narrative. This 2 CD Deluxe Edition greatly expands the soundtrack from 9 to 31 tracks with new notes and extra photos! For more info and ordering, visit Varèse Sarabande.
Tom Holkenborg's Terminator: Dark Fate
26-Dec-2019 - Mondo, and Paramount Pictures present Tom Holkenborg's kinetic, fist pumping score to Terminator: Dark Fate. Similar to MAD MAX FURY ROAD, another film featuring a brilliant Tom Holkenborg score (A.K.A. Junkie XL), TERMINATOR DARK FATE is a movie that starts with a bang and never let's up. Holkenborg's ability to capture the controlled chaos of the chase is masterful, as it manages to weave in a delicate homage to Brad Fiedel's original TERMINATOR score without disrupting his own sonic take on the franchise. Featuring a brand new illustration by Sara Deck, the soundtrack is pressed on 2x 180 Gram Black vinyl and housed in a wide-spine sleeve with two printed inner sleeves. For more info and ordering, visit Mondo.
Pedro Almodóvar & Alberto Iglesias Film Music Collection
18-Dec-2019 - Quartet Records and El Deseo present a mammoth 11-CD box Film Music Collection, that compiles revised and remastered editions of all the soundtracks from the films on which Pedro Almodóvar and Alberto Iglesias have worked together—a partnership that celebrates 25 years of uninterrupted collaboration this year. Since all the albums were virtually complete, this edition doesn’t includes extra music, although all the albums (many of them out-of-print for years) have been meticulously remastered. The box set includes 11 CDs in individual cardboard sleeves and a 60-page booklet.
Francesco de Masi's Il Segno Del Coyote
17-Dec-2019 - Beat Records has released Francesco de Masi's score for Il Segno Del Coyote. The movie was released in 1963 and directed by Mario Caiano. The music by Maestro de Masi represents the first Italian score for a Western movie, still without the trademarks that would define the genre from the following year. Instead, the music composed by the Maestro was a wink to the Hollywood productions of the day, written in his typical symphonic style. The score is now available integrally in their classic CDCR series featuring a lot of unreleased music, with mastering by Enrico De Gemini, graphic layout by Daniele De Gemini, liner notes by Filippo de Masi and English edit by Josh Mitchell. For more info and ordering, visit Beat Records.
Jerry Goldsmith’s The Great Train Robbery
16-Dec-2019 - Quartet Records and MGM present a new re-mastered edition of Jerry Goldsmith’s score for the 1978 Victorian adventure-comedy caper, The Great Train Robbery. Goldsmith’s score is one of the best of its period. It features a catchy, vibrant main theme, the locomotive for an exciting, elegant score, powerfully performed by the National Philharmonic Orchestra and recorded with great precision and detail by Eric Tomlinson at Anvil Studios in London. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the international release of the film (it premiered at the end of 1978 only in the UK) and the release of the original LP, Quartet Records presents an all-new edition with CD 1 showcasing for the first time the score as intended for the film. CD 2 contains the original 1/4″ stereo album master newly transferred. For more info and ordering, visit Quartet Records.  

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Aivi Tran, ...
Steven Universe
Cartoon Network/WaterTower Music
Benjamin John Power
Calm With Horses
Invada Records INV238CD
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Fantômas : La Trilogie
Universal Music France/Decca Records
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