Danny Bensi
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
2013   Enemy  
  Music on Vinyl MOVATM315 Netherlands LP
  Milan Records M2-36676 United States CD
  Milan Music 399548-2 European Union CD
2014   One I Love, The  
  Lakeshore Records LKS United States CD
2015   Gift, The  
  Sony Classical 88875136472 European Union CD
  Music on Vinyl MOVATM060 Netherlands LP
  Last Days In The Desert  
  Lakeshore Records LKS 346802 United States CD
2016   Autopsy Of Jane Doe, The  
  Death Waltz Recording Company DW111 United States LP
2017   For Honor  
  Ubisoft Music no label number United States Other
  Verve Records United States LP
2018   Boy Erased (2018)  
  Backlot Music BLM747 United States CD
  Music on Vinyl MOVATM227 Netherlands LP
2019   Lodge, The  
  Lodge, The  
  Milan Records United States Other
  Death Waltz Recording Company DW158C United States LP
2020   Rental, The  
  Lakeshore Records United States Other
2021   White Tiger, The  
  Lakeshore Records United States Other
  Ash International India Other
2022   Biosphere  
  Ghost Talk Records United States Other
  Tokyo Vice  
  Tokyo Vice  
  Endeavor Content/Lakeshore Records United States Other
2023   Murder At The End Of The World, A  
  Hollywood Records United States Other
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