Angelo Badalamenti
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1973   Gordon's War  
  Buddah Records BDS 5137 ST 0598 United States LP
1974   Law and Disorder  
1977   It's A Brand New World  
  Red Bird Records RB 1001 United States LP
1986   Blue Velvet  
  Varese Sarabande VSD 47277 United States CD
  Indisc IMS 34246 Germany CD
  Fire Records FROST003LP Great Britain LP
  Colosseum CST 80235 Germany 45RPM
  Varese Sarabande 302 067 052 2 United States CD
  That's Entertainment Records CDTER 1127 Great Britain CD
  Victor VDP-1205 Japan CD
  Soundtrack Listeners Club SLCS-7049 Japan CD
  Colosseum CST 8023 Germany LP
  Fire Records FROST003CD Great Britain CD
  Varese Sarabande STV 81292 United States LP
  Vinilo Discos VS 1039 Spain LP
  Varese Sarabande 302 066 460 2 United States CD
  Fire Records FROST003LPX Great Britain LP
  Volcano CPC8-5019 Japan CD
  Colosseum CVS 7052.2 Germany CD
  Colosseum CVS 47277 Germany CD
  That's Entertainment TER 1127 Great Britain LP
1987   Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, A  
  Varese Sarabande VSD-5427 United States CD
  One Way Static Records OWS08 Belgium EP
  Elektra/Asylum 0-66817 United States LP
  That's Entertainment CDTER 114 Great Britain CD
  Elektra/Asylum STE-69483 United States 45RPM
  Soundtrack Listeners Communications SLCS-7085/7089 Japan CD
  That's Entertainment Records TER1143 Great Britain LP
  Varese Sarabande STV 81314 United States LP
  Warner-Pioneer P-2261 Japan LP
  Colosseum VSD (CVS) 5427 Germany CD
  Varese Sarabande VCD 47293 United States CD
  Colosseum VCD 47293 Germany CD
  Tough Guys Don't Dance  
  Silva Screen SIL 1529.2 Germany CD
  Music Box Records MBR-039 France CD
  Varese Sarabande STV 81346 United States LP
  Varese Sarabande VCD 47313 United States CD
  Varese Sarabande STV-81350 United States LP
1989   Christmas Vacation  
  Warner Bros. 15000 United States CD
  Warner Bros. 22P2-3065 Japan CD
  Warner Bros. 925 901-1 United States LP
  Warner Bros. 25901-2 United States CD
  Wait Until Spring, Bandini  
1990   Comfort Of Strangers, The  
  CAM 493281-2 Italy CD
  Quartet Records QR142 Spain CD
  CAM COS 002 Italy CD
  Industrial Symphony Nr. 1: The Dream Of The Broken Hearted  
  Twin Peaks  
  Warners 26316-2 United States CD
  Colosseum CVS 7052.2 Germany CD
  Warner Bros. 9 26136-2 United States CD
  VER 497707 2 France CD
  WEA W9544CD Germany CD-SINGLE
  Reprise Records WPCP 4035 Japan CD
  Warner Music Japan WPLP-9083 Japan Other
  Warner Bros. 7599-26316-2 WE 835 Germany CD
  Varese Sarabande 302 067 052 2 United States CD
  Warner Bros. 26316-1 Netherlands LP
  WEA International, Inc. WPCR-2635 Japan CD
  Sacred Bones 400118 United States CD
  Warner Bros. WPCP 4848 Japan CD
  Absurda/David Lynch DLMC 3 United States CD
  Warner CD 26316 United States CD
  Warner Bros. Records W9544 Germany 45RPM
  Warner Bros. 26316-2 Netherlands CD
  Warner Bros. 7599-26316-1 Germany LP
  Death Waltz Recording Company DW50 Great Britain LP
  Wild At Heart  
  London Records 8692292 Netherlands CD-SINGLE
  London 869 307-2 European Union CD-SINGLE
  Polydor 845 098 2 United States CD
  Karussell 5513318 Great Britain CD
  Twilight Time TWILIGHT81-BR United States DVD
  London Records 845128 2 Great Britain CD
  Spectrum Music 551 318-2 Great Britain CD
1991   Varèse Sarabande Soundtrack Sampler  
  Indisc IMS 34246 Germany CD
1992   On the Air  
  Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me  
  Warner Bros. WPCP 4919 Japan CD
  Warner Bros. 9362-45019-2 Germany CD
  Warner Bros. 936245019-2 Great Britain CD
  Warner Bros. 9362-45019-2 South Korea CD
  Warner Bros. 9 45019-2 United States CD
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