Clint Mansell
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1998   Pi  
  Silva Screen FILMCD 312 Great Britain CD
  Thrive Records 90506-2 United States CD
2000   Requiem For A Dream  
  Nonesuch 7559-79611-2 European Union CD
  Thrive Records 90703-2 United States CD
  Nonesuch 79611-2 United States CD
2001   Hole, The  
  Universal 556474-2 Great Britain CD
  Knockaround Guys  
2002   Abandon  
  Silverline 281120-2 United States CD
  Murder By Numbers  
  Citadel STC 77134 United States CD
  World Traveler  
  Compendia Music Group 9616-2 United States CD
2004   Suspect Zero  
2005   Doom  
  Varèse Sarabande/Colosseum VSD 6702 Germany CD
  Colosseum VSD (CVS) 6702 Germany CD
  Geneon Entertainment GNCE-3047 Japan CD
  Varese Sarabande 302 066 702 2 United States CD
  Rykodisc/Bulletproof RCD 10819 United States CD
  Rykodisc 10807 United States CD
  Trust The Man  
  Wrong Records RONG-008-2 United States CD
2006   Fountain, The  
  Nonesuch 7559-79901-2 European Union CD
  Nonesuch Records 79901-2 United States CD
2007   In The Wall  
  Death Waltz Recording Company RSDDW009 United Kingdom LP
  Smokin' Aces  
  Lakeshore Records LKS 339392 United States CD
  Polydor 172118-5 Great Britain CD
  Lakeshore Records LKS 33904 United States CD
  Wind Chill  
2008   Definitely, Maybe  
  Lakeshore Records LKS 339852 United States CD
  Phantom Sound & Vision Unknown United States CD
  Wrestler, The  
  Koch Records KOC-CD-4742 United States CD
2009   Affaire Farewell, L'  
  Colosseum CST 8133.2 Germany CD
  Blood: The Last Vampire  
  Black Records CMLP001 Great Britain LP
  Black Records CMCD001 Great Britain CD
  Rebound, The  
2010   Black Swan  
  Music on Vinyl MOVATM080 Netherlands LP
  Sony Classical 88697813562 United States CD
  Mondo MOND-039 United States LP
  Sony Music Japan International SICP-3033 Japan CD
  Mondo MOND-039 United States LP
  Sony Classical 8869 780435-2 Argentina CD
  Lakeshore Records LKS34202 United States CD
  Last Night  
  Milan Records M2-36566 United States CD
  Milan Records 36566 United States LP
2011   Black Mirror  
  Lakeshore Records no label number United States Other
  Lakeshore Records/Invada Records no label number United States Other
  Music on Vinyl MOVATM278 Netherlands LP
  Deutsche Grammophon 002738602 United States CD
  Lakeshore Records United States Other
  Lakeshore Records LKS 350322 United States CD
  Invada Records/Lakeshore Records LSIN179CD Great Britain CD
  Deutsche Grammophon United States LP
  Invada Records United States CD
  Lakeshore Records LKS 350272 United States LP
2013   Filth  
  Black Records CMCDP002 Great Britain CD
  Island Records 3750958 Great Britain CD
  Milan Records M2-36621 United States CD
2014   Noah  
  Nonesuch Records 542164-2 United States CD
  Curb Records 2033314 United States CD
2015   15 Years WSA - A Film Music Celebration  
  Film Fest Gent no label number Belgium CD
  Silva Screen Records SILED1501 Great Britain Other
  Silva Screen Records SILLP1501 Great Britain LP
  Silva Screen Records SILCD1501 Great Britain CD
2017   Ghost In The Shell  
  Paramount Pictures Corporation no label number United States Other
  Loving Vincent  
  Milan M2-36852 United States CD
  Milan Records 399 942-2 France LP
  Milan Records 399 941-2 France CD
2018   Out Of Blue  
  Lakeshore Records no label number United States Other
  Invada Records INV221 Great Britain LP
2020   Rebecca  
  Invada Records LSINV252CD Great Britain CD
  Lakeshore Records/Invada Records United States Other
  Invada Records LSINV252LP Great Britain LP
2021   In The Earth  
  Lakeshore Records/Invada Records LSINV266LP United States LP
  Lakeshore Records/Invada Records Great Britain Other
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