George Duning
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1955   Man From Laramie, The  
  Bear Family Records BCD15983 Germany CD
  Twilight Time TWILIGHT94-BR United States DVD
  My Sister Eileen  
  Twilight Time United States DVD
  MCA Classics MCAD 42320 United States CD
  Decca DL 78320 United States LP
  Popular Record Club SE-308 Australia LP
  Vocalion CDLF 8138 Great Britain CD
  Festival FX-5064 Australia EP
  Telarc CD 80319 United States CD
  Colpix SCP-464 United States LP
  Decca ED 346 United States EP
  Decca DL 74362 United States LP
  Decca DL 8320 United States LP
  King Records KICJ-2167 Japan CD
  Decca ST 7-8320 United States Other
  Decca DS-7 Japan 45RPM
  MCA Records MCAD 31357 United States CD
  Coral ECV18062 EP
  Decca DS-614 Japan 45RPM
  Twilight Time Twilight 14-BR United States DVD
  Soundtrack Factory 606348 Andorra CD
  MCA Records MCA-2049 United States LP
  Warner Music 5050467-3717-2-9 Germany CD
  Colpix CP-464 United States LP
  Warner Bros. WS 1427 United States LP
  MCA Records MCA-1527 United States LP
  CTI Records CTI 5000 United States LP
  MCA Records MCAC-1527 United States Cassette
  Coral 94 051 EPC Germany EP
  MCA Records MVCM 165 Japan CD
  Rhino Records R2 72422 United States CD
  MCA Records MVCM-22052 Japan CD
  Coral Records CRL 57125 United States LP
  United Artists/Hispavox HU 067-83 Spain EP
  MCA Records 7130 LP
  CID 100.561 France EP
  CTI Records GP 3071 Japan LP
  MCA Records D-1045 Japan 45RPM
  Three For The Show  
  Mercury Records EP 2 3283 United States 45RPM
  Mercury Records MG 25204 United States LP
  Tight Spot  
  MGM Records E3172 United States LP
1956   Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers  
  Monstrous Movie Music MMM-1954 United States CD
  Eddy Duchin Story, The  
  Columbia CL 790 United States LP
  Decca ED 844 United States EP
  MCA Records MVCM 152 Japan CD
  MCA Records 203 283 Netherlands LP
  Coral HIT-1098 Japan 45RPM
  Decca DL 8289 United States LP
  Brunswick 10102 EPB Germany EP
  Twilight Time 74-BR United States DVD
  Decca DL 78289 LP
  Decca DS-603 Japan 45RPM
  MCA Records 2041 LP
  Decca DL 79121 United States LP
  Capitol EAP-1 716 France EP
  Brunswick 87031 LP
  Capitol Records T 716 France LP
  Capitol/EMI 2C 054 - 81.356 France LP
  Decca DL-8396 United States LP
  Decca DS-7 Japan 45RPM
  Brunswick LAT 8119 LP
  Coral COPS 1262 Italy LP
  Soundtrack Factory 606348 Andorra CD
  Full of Life  
  Festival FX-5064 Australia EP
  Hollywood Sound Stage  
  MCA Victor MVCM-22052 Japan CD
  Decca DL 78289 United States LP
  Storm Center  
  You Can't Run Away From It  
  Decca DL-8396 United States LP
  Brunswick 10 095 EPB Germany EP
  MCA Records MVCM-22052 Japan CD
  Decca 9-30064 United States 45RPM
1957   20 Million Miles To Earth  
  Monstrous Movie Music MMM-1953 United States CD
  3:10 To Yuma  
  Columbia 4-40962 United States 45RPM
  Columbia Records CS 8415 United States LP
  Disques CinéMusique DCM147 Canada Other
  Prometheus Promo Belgium CD
  Columbia Records CL 1615 United States LP
  Pathé Marconi EG 314 France EP
  Citadel Records GD 2 United States LP
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