Dimitri Tiomkin
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
0   President's Country, A  
  Unicorn-Kanchana UKCD 2079 Great Britain CD
  Theme Music From King Of Kings And Other Film Spectaculars  
  London Records PS 246 Great Britain LP
1930   Lord Byron Of Broadway  
  Rhino Movie Music 74497 United States CD
  Rogue Song, The  
  Pelican LP 2019 United States LP
  Mousiki Akti Ltd 221823/207 Greece CD
1931   Resurrection  
1933   Broadway to Hollywood  
1935   Casino Murder Case, the  
  I Live My Life  
  Mad Love  
  Naughty Marietta  
  Capitol Records T 551 United States LP
  Hollywood Soundstage 413 United States LP
  RCA Records ERA-220 Germany EP
  Jasmine JASCD 143 Czech Republic CD
  RCA Victor LPV 526 LP
  ASV CD AJA 5124 Great Britain CD
  RCA Victor LCT 16 LP
1937   Lost Horizon  
  Bell SYBEL 8000 LP
  RCA Records GL 43445 Great Britain LP
  RCA Records GL 43447 LP
  RCA Red Seal 777933 United States CD
  Brigham Young Film Music Archives FMA/DT 103 United States CD
  RCA Victor 1669-2-RG United States CD
  Bell 2308 054 LP
  Soundtrack Factory SFCD33541 Andorra CD
  RCA Red Seal ARL 1-1669 United States LP
  Decca Records DA-402 United States 78RPM
  Bell 1300 LP
  BMG Classics/RCA Victor GD81669 Germany CD
  RCA Records RL 42317 Great Britain LP
  BudMovies BUD 4008 Spain CD
  Tsunami TSU 135 Germany CD
  Decca DL-5154 United States LP
  Dutton Vocalion CDLK 4608 Great Britain CD
  Road Back, the  
1938   Great Waltz, The  
  Mousiki Akti Ltd 221846-207 Greece CD
  Sountrak STK 109 United States LP
  Philips 438685-2 Germany CD
  Spawn of the North  
  You Can't Take it With You  
1939   Mr. Smith Goes to Washington  
  Only Angels Have Wings  
1940   Lucky Partners  
  Westerner, The  
1941   Corsican Brothers, the  
  Flying Blind  
  Forced Landing  
  Scattergood Meets Broadway  
1942   Battle of Britain, the  
  Divide and Conquer  
  Gentleman After Dark, a  
  Meet John Doe  
  Moon and Sixpence, the  
  Moscow Strikes Back  
  Nazis Strike, the  
  Prelude to War  
  Twin Beds  
1943   Battle of China, the  
  Battle Of Russia, The  
  Film Music Society United States CD
  Shadow Of A Doubt  
  Milan Records 399 437-2 France CD
  Unknown Guest, the  
  War Comes to America  
1944   Battle of Tunesia, the  
  Bridge of San Louis Rey, the  
  Forever Yours  
  Imposter, the  
  Know Your Ally: Britain  
  Know Your Enemy: Germany  
  Know Your Enemy: Japan  
  Lady Courageous  
  Negro Soldier, The  
  Film Music Society United States CD
  Tunisian Victory  
  Film Music Society United States CD
  When Strangers Marry  
1945   China's Little Devils  
  Operation Titanic  
  Pardon My Past  
  San Pietro  
  Film Music Society United States CD
  Subtitution and Conversion  
  Tunesian Victory  
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