Stanley Myers
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1963   Doctor Who  
  BBC Records REH 552 Great Britain LP
  Silva Screen Records SILCD1370 Great Britain CD
  Silva Screen Records SILLP1536 Great Britain LP
  Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab MFCD 2-831 Japan CD
  Silva Screen Records SILLP1552 Great Britain LP
  BBC Records 38 968 Great Britain LP
  Decca F.11837 Great Britain 45RPM
  Demon Records DEMWHOBOX001 Great Britain LP
  Stet DS 15018 United States LP
  Silva Screen Records SILLP1370 Great Britain LP
  BBC/Edelton EDL 2517-1 Germany LP
  Silva Screen Records SILCD1552 Great Britain CD
  BBC Records REH 462 Great Britain LP
  BBC Records BBC2LP-22000 Great Britain LP
  Silva Screen Records SILCD1536 Great Britain CD
  BBC Records RESL 80 Great Britain 45RPM
  Silva Screen Records SILCD1537 Great Britain CD
  Century 21 Records MA 105 Great Britain EP
  Demon-Edsel DEMWHOLP004X Great Britain LP
1966   Kaleidoscope  
  Film Score Monthly FSM Vol. 10 No. 12 United States CD
  Warner Bros. WS 1663 United States LP
  Warner Bros. W 1663 United States LP
1967   Ulysses  
  RCA Records LOC-1138 United States LP
  RCA Victor RB-6708 Great Britain LP
  RCA Records LSO 1138 United States LP
  Winchester 73  
1968   No Way To Treat A Lady  
  Dot Records DLP 25846 United States LP
  Paramount PAS-1007 United States LP
  RCA Records SF 8014 Great Britain LP
  Colgems COS 112 LP
1969   Age Of Consent  
  Film Festival - 16 Great Movie Themes  
  Colgems COS-116 United States LP
  Michael Kohlhaas  
  Two Gentlemen Sharing  
1970   Night of the Following Day  
  Take A Girl Like You  
  PYE Records 45. PV. 15331 France 45RPM
  PYE 18353 Great Britain LP
  Twilight Time United States DVD
  PYE NSPL 18353 Great Britain LP
  Tropic of Cancer  
1971   Raging Moon, The  
  Columbia/EMI C062-92159 Italy LP
  Project 3 Records PR 5063QD United States LP
  Columbia SCX 6447 United States LP
  Severed Head, a  
  Tam Lin  
  Walking Stick, the  
1972   Famous Movie Themes  
  Paramount PAS-1007 United States LP
  It's a 2' 6" Above the World  
  King Queen and Knave  
  Sitting Target  
  Finders Keepers Records FKR004CD Great Britain CD
  Summer Lightening  
  Zee And Co.  
  Dunhill ABC D-4306 United States 45RPM
  Probe IPR-10049 Japan 45RPM
  Twilight Time Movies United States DVD
1973   Caravan to Vaccares  
  Road Movie  
1974   Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravetz, the  
  House of Whipcord  
1975   Divorce His, Divorce Hers  
  Little Malcolm  
  Wilby Conspiracy, the  
1976   Conduct Unbecoming  
  House of the Mortal Sin, the  
1977   Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man, the  
1978   Class of Miss McMichael, the  
  Comeback, the  
  Deer Hunter, The  
  Capitol Records CDP 7 92058 2 United States CD
  EMI Music 5C 006-07026 Netherlands 45RPM
  Belter Liberty 2-90.042 Spain LP
  Capitol Records ECR-20583 Japan 45RPM
  Cube Records 2326 005 Belgium LP
  Capitol Records TOCP 5970 Japan CD
  Cinevox MDF 124 Italy 45RPM
  Capitol Records ECS 81224 Japan LP
  EMI Records 8E 006-07026 Portugal 45RPM
  Naxos 8.572111 Canada CD
  Capitol Records SOO 11940 United States LP
  Cube Records BUG 80 Great Britain 45RPM
  Capitol Records TOCP-3040 Japan CD
  Cube Records 2016 100 Belgium 45RPM
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