John Lurie
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1981   Subway Riders  
1982   Permanent Vacation  
1983   Stranger Than Paradise  
  Enigma CDE 73213 United States CD
  Crammed Discs CRAM 052 Belgium 45RPM
  Crammed Discs MTM 7 CD Belgium CD
  SBRC 0010 United States CD
  Crammed Discs MTM 14 CD Netherlands CD
  Capitol Records C2 90968 CD
1986   Down By Law  
  Capitol Records C2 90968-1 LP
  Capitol Records C2 90968 United States CD
  Normal Records N 50 Germany LP
  Capitol Records C2 90968-2 CD
  Crammed Discs MTM 14 CD Netherlands CD
1988   Kizu  
  Sony 32DH 5111 Japan CD
  Police Story: Monster Manon  
1989   Mystery Train  
  Milan Music 399 995-2 France CD
  RCA Records 60367 RC 2 United States CD
  Milan F A 509 RC 270 France LP
  Milan Records CD CH 509 France CD
  Milan Music France LP
  Milan Records 35683-2 France CD
  Milan CD CH 800 France CD
  Victor VDP 1514 Japan CD
  Milan Music C 509 / RC 470 France Cassette
  Milan Records 35967-2 United States CD
1991   Film Concert  
  Milan CD CH 800 France CD
  Fishing With John  
  SB 0014 United States CD
1993   Late Night With Conan O'Brien  
  Mercury 314 536 324-2 United States CD
1995   Days With Jacques, The  
  Sony SRCL 3007 Japan CD
  Get Shorty  
  Verve/Antilles P2 29310 United States CD
  The Verve Group/Antilles 529 310-2 United States CD
1996   Manny and Lo  
1997   Box of Moonlight  
  Excess Baggage  
  Prophecy Entertainment PRO 15010 United States CD
1998   Clay Pigeons  
  Intermedia Music UD 53152 United States CD
  Lulu On The Bridge  
  Blue Note TOCJ-66004 Japan CD
  Capitol Records 495 317 2 European Union CD
2000   Animal Factory  
2005   Face Addict  
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