Haim Saban
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1980   Ekkusu Bonbâ  
  Young Japan Group Inc. XQJX-1003 Japan CD
  Polydor 815141 France LP
  XIII Bis Records 0022641032 France CD
  Saban Records 884.197-7 France 45RPM
1981   Ulysse 31  
  Loga-Rythme LR-677040 France CD
  Expert Music EMC-31 France CD
  Saban Records 2097 130 France 45RPM
  King Records K32X 7110 Japan CD
  Expert Music EMC-17 United States CD
  Radmus Publishing FC-35541 United States LP
  Télé 80 3700409814730 France CD
  Saban Records 813 399 7 France 45RPM
  King Records K07S-10094 Japan CD
  Expert Music EMC-17 United States CD
  XIII Bis Records 0022641031 France CD
  Tilt/Saban Music/Wagram Music no label number France CD
  XIII Bis Records 0022641036 France CD
  Radmus Publishing RADX-01 United States CD
1982   Taiyô No Ko Esteban  
  XIII Bis Records 0022641033 France CD
  Animusik AK-11015 France CD
  Saban Records 813 892-7 France 45RPM
  Loga-Rythme LR-677014 France CD
  Saban Records 815 504-7 France 45RPM
  Saban Records 813 891-1 France LP
  Loga-Rythme LR-677015 France CD
1983   He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe  
  Mill Creek MV11156 United States CD
  La-La Land Records LLLCD 1347 United States CD
  CBS Records 20.573 Argentina LP
  Saban Records/Polydor 817 824-1 France LP
  Epic LNS-17475 Mexico LP
  XIII Bis Records 0022641030 France CD
  XIII Bis Records Télé 80 no number France CD
  Inspector Gadget  
  Saban Records/Polydor 815 170-7 France 45RPM
  Polydor Pol 100 France 45RPM
  Polydor 815 171 1 France LP
  Télé 80/Balthazar Music Socadisc 875824 SC 842 France CD
  XIII Bis Records 0022641035 France CD
  Littles, The  
  Ades 11.113 France 45RPM
1984   Lucky Luke#  
  Music Box Records MBR-086 France CD
  Rainbow Brite  
  Buena Vista Records 2111 United States LP
1985   Jayce And The Wheeled Warriors  
  Saban Records/Wagram Music SC 816429 France CD
  Télé 80 France LP
  Saban Records 884.07067 France 45RPM
1986   Popples  
  Ades 11.121 France 45RPM
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