Trevor Jones
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1988   Dominick And Eugene  
  Varese Sarabande 704.540 United States LP
  Contemporary Media Recordings CMR 2006-3 Great Britain CD
  Varese Sarabande VCD 70454 United States CD
  Just Ask for Diamond  
  Mississippi Burning  
  Karussell 5510992 Great Britain CD
  Antilles 209 853 Great Britain LP
  Antilles ANCD 8745 Great Britain CD
  Spectrum Music 5511002 Great Britain CD
  Antilles 7 91236-2 United States CD
  Twilight Time 811956020536 United States DVD
  Antilles 259853 Germany CD
  Antilles 7 91236-1 United States LP
  Island Records P30D 10011 Japan CD
  Sweet Lies  
  Island Records ISTA 16 Netherlands LP
  Island 7 90855-4 United States Cassette
  Island Records 7 90855-2 United States CD
  Island Records P33D 20061 Japan CD
  Island Records 90855 United States LP
1989   Murder by Moonlight  
  Private Life, a  
  Sea Of Love  
  Mercury Polygram 842 170-2 Germany CD
  Mercury Records 842 170 2 United States CD
  Spectrum Music 550 130-2 Great Britain CD
  Mercury Records MER 339 Great Britain 45RPM
  Karusell 5501302 Great Britain CD
  Mercury Records 842 170-1 Netherlands LP
  Mercury Records PPD-1116 Japan CD
  Mercury Records 422-842-170-1 United States LP
1990   Arachnophobia  
  Hollywood Records HOL 974 United States LP
  Hollywood Records HWD 467991-2 Austria CD
  Hollywood 467991-1 Netherlands LP
  Hollywood Records HWD CD 1 570 001-2 Germany CD
  Liberation Records D 30530 Australia CD
  Hollywood Records PCCY 00219 Japan CD
  Liberation Records L 30530 Australia LP
  London Records LDR-582631 CD
  Hollywood Records 60974 2 United States CD
  Hollywood Records HWD LP 1 570 00-1 Great Britain LP
  Cinerama/Edel CIN 2216-2 Germany CD
  Bad Influence  
  Karussell 55111022 Great Britain CD
  Karussell International - Spectrum Music 551102-2 Germany CD
  Mango/Island Records MLPS 9860 United States LP
  EMI Records 98602-2 United States CD
  Mango/Island Records CCD9860 United States CD
  By Dawn's Early Light  
  Guns: a Day in the Death of America  
1991   Alone Together  
  True Colors  
1992   Blame It on the Bellboy  
  Chains of Gold  
  Intrada MAF 7021D United States CD
  Edel Records 0022472MCM Germany CD
  Morgan Creek Productions 2959-20008-2 United States CD
  Polydor POCP 1197 Japan CD
  Morgan Creek Productions 513 105-2 Great Britain CD
  Last Of The Mohicans, The  
  Colosseum VSD (CVS) 6161 Germany CD
  Telarc CD 80437-DTS United States CD
  Polydor 517 497-2 Great Britain CD
  Telarc CD-80437 United States CD
  Silva Screen Records SILED6046 Great Britain Other
  Cinerama/Edel CIN 2216-2 Germany CD
  Contemporary Media Recordings CMR 2006-3 Great Britain CD
  Edel 0022412MCM Germany CD
  Edel 01633872ERE Spain CD
  Morgan Creek Productions 2959-20015-2 United States CD
  Morgan Creek/Polydor 517 497-2 Great Britain CD
  GM Music GMMCD022 Poland CD
  Varese Sarabande VSD 302-066-161 United States CD
  Warner Home Video D4A/Z1 12619 Great Britain DVD
  Silva Screen SILKD 6018 Great Britain CD
  Silva Screen Records SILKD6046 Great Britain CD
  Polydor POCP 1278 Japan CD
  Varese Sarabande 302 066 460 2 United States CD
1993   Barbarians at the Gate  
  Scotti Bros. 514 455 2 France CD
  Silva Screen FILMCD 139 Great Britain CD
  Scotti Bros. 518366-2 France CD
  Silva America SILCD 1032 United States CD
  Scotti Bros. PCCY-00488 Japan CD
  Contemporary Media Recordings CMR 2006-3 Great Britain CD
  Scotti Bros. 518245-2 France CD
  La-La Land Records LLLCD 1418 United States CD
  Cinerama/Edel CIN 2216-2 Germany CD
  Scotti Bros. 72392 75417-2 United States CD
  Intrada Special Collection Volume 156 United States CD
  Scotti Bros. 518366-3 France CD
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