Inon Zur
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
0   Lineage II: Oath Of Blood  
  Ncsoft no number South Korea CD
1997   Casper: A Spirited Beginning  
  EMI Records 8 21671 2 United States CD
  Saban Records/Emi Capitol 7243 8 59293 2 8 United States CD
  Power Rangers Turbo  
  EMI/Walt Disney Records 5099952218729 Great Britain CD
2000   Escaflowne  
  Victor Entertainment, Inc. VICL-60590 Japan CD
  Ever Anime A8-1220 Taiwan CD
  St. Patrick: The Irish Legend  
  Shanacie SH-78037 United States CD
2002   Run Like Hell  
  Interplay Entertainment C7197110 United States CD
2004   Men Of Valor  
  Vivendi-Universal Promo United States CD
  Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within  
  Ubisoft 992189-BCK United States CD
  TEAM Entertainment KDSD-00081 Japan CD
  Shadow OPS: Red Mercury  
2005   Prince Of Persia: The Two Thrones  
  Ubisoft 992189-BCK United States CD
2007   Crysis  
  Electronic Arts EAE08805903D2/GER Germany CD
  Sumthing Else SE-2038 United States CD
2008   Fallout 3  
  Fallout 3  
  Spacelab9 SL9-2059-NCC United States LP
  Bethesda Softworks no number United States CD-SINGLE
  Spacelab9 United States LP
2010   Night In Fantasia 2009, A  
  Eminence Group Pty Ltd. ANIF09LE Australia CD
  StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty  
  Azeroth Music/Blizzard Entertainment S7283653 United States CD
2011   Greatest Video Game Music, The  
  X5 Music Group 114 United States CD
  Lord Of The Rings, The: War In The North  
  WaterTower Music WTM39271 United States CD-R
  Sumthing Else Music Works 3041 United States CD
2012   Dragon's Dogma  
  Sumthing Else Music Works SE 3037-2 United States CD
  Sony Music International Japan SQEX-10309 Japan CD
2014   Fantasia: Music Evolved  
  Sumthing Else SE-3124-2 United States CD
  Silva Screen SILCD1454 Great Britain CD
2015   Sword Coast Legends  
  n-Space, Inc. / n-Space Music no label number United States Other
2016   Eagle Flight  
  Sumthing Else SE-3200-2 United States CD
2017   Fallout 4  
  Bethesda Softworks no label number United States Other
  Syberia III  
  Black Screen Records no label number Germany Other
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