Shuki Levy
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1980   Ekkusu Bonbâ  
  Ekkusu Bonbâ  
  Young Japan Group Inc. XQJX-1003 Japan CD
  Polydor 815141 France LP
  Télé 80 France CD
  XIII Bis Records 0022641032 France CD
  Saban Records 884.197-7 France 45RPM
1981   Dawn of the Mummy  
  Ulysse 31  
  Saban Records 813 399 7 France 45RPM
  King Records K07S-10094 Japan CD
  Expert Music EMC-17 United States CD
  XIII Bis Records 0022641031 France CD
  Tilt/Saban Music/Wagram Music no label number France CD
  XIII Bis Records 0022641036 France CD
  Radmus Publishing RADX-01 United States CD
  Loga-Rythme LR-677040 France CD
  Expert Music EMC-31 France CD
  Saban Records 2097 130 France 45RPM
  King Records K32X 7110 Japan CD
  Expert Music EMC-17 United States CD
  Radmus Publishing FC-35541 United States LP
  Télé 80 3700409814730 France CD
1982   Taiyô No Ko Esteban  
  Animusik AK-11015 France CD
  Saban Records 813 892-7 France 45RPM
  Loga-Rythme LR-677014 France CD
  Saban Records 815 504-7 France 45RPM
  Saban Records 813 891-1 France LP
  Loga-Rythme LR-677015 France CD
  XIII Bis Records 0022641033 France CD
1983   He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe  
  XIII Bis Records Télé 80 no number France CD
  Mill Creek MV11156 United States CD
  La-La Land Records LLLCD 1347 United States CD
  CBS Records 20.573 Argentina LP
  Saban Records/Polydor 817 824-1 France LP
  Epic LNS-17475 Mexico LP
  XIII Bis Records 0022641030 France CD
  Inspector Gadget  
  Polydor Pol 100 France 45RPM
  Polydor 815 171 1 France LP
  Télé 80/Balthazar Music Socadisc 875824 SC 842 France CD
  XIII Bis Records 0022641035 France CD
  Saban Records/Polydor 815 170-7 France 45RPM
  Littles, The  
  Ades 11.113 France 45RPM
1984   Lucky Luke  
  Music Box Records MBR-086 France CD
  Music Box Records MBR-086 France CD
  Rainbow Brite  
  Buena Vista Records 2111 United States LP
1985   Jayce And The Wheeled Warriors  
  Saban Records/Wagram Music SC 816429 France CD
  Télé 80 France LP
  Saban Records 884.07067 France 45RPM
  There Come the Littles  
1986   Popples  
  Ades 11.121 France 45RPM
  Rainbow Bertie and the Star Stealer  
1987   Bay Coven  
1989   Dragonball Z  
  Super Tracks STCD-601 United States CD
  Falcon FAULKDBZ-V1 United States CD
  Loga-Rythme LR-677037 France CD
  Columbia COCC-11547~51 Japan CD
  Falcon FAULKDBZ-V4 United States CD
1991   Round Trip to Heaven  
1992   Décalogue  
  Versailles VER 468089-2 France CD
  Prey of the Chameleon  
  Revenge on the Highway  
1993   In the Shadows, Someone is Watching  
  Mighty Morphin Power Rangers  
  Saban Records/Emi Capitol 2-522001 United States CD
  Animex CDCC-10942 Japan CD
  Buena Vista 60798-7 United States CD
  RCA/BMG RCA ref: LC 0316 / BMG ref: F:BM 650 Great Britain CD
  Atlantic PRCD 6019 United States CD
  EMI/Walt Disney Records 5099952218729 Great Britain CD
  Saban Records/Emi Capitol 4-522001 United States Cassette
  Atlantic/Warner Bros. PRCD 6062 United States CD-SINGLE
  Saban Records/Emi Capitol 4-520378 United States Cassette
  Mercury Records 546 595-2 Germany CD
  Saban Records/Emi Capitol 4-522028 United States Cassette
  Under Investigation  
1994   Blindfold: Acts Of Obsession  
  Koch International 342472 Germany CD
  Christmas Reunion, a  
  Honor Thy Father & Mother: True Story of Menendez Murd.  
  Sweet Valley High  
  Saban Records/Emi Capitol 2-522443 United States CD
  With Harmful Intent  
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