Gino Peguri
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
0   Kitsch 3 - Your Passport To Amalfi Days and Vegas Nights  
  BMG - Atmosphere ATMOS-CDKITSCH3 Italy CD
1962   I Nostri Amici  
  RCA Victor PM45-3083 Serie Europa Italy 45RPM
  Italiano Ha 50 Anni, L'  
  CAM CA. 2378 Italy 45RPM
  RCA PM45-3065 Italy 45RPM
  Lo Sgarro  
  CAM CA. 2397 Italy 45RPM
1963   Italia Proibita  
  CAM CA. 2460 Italy 45RPM
  CAM Cms. 30-059 Italy LP
  Ombre Vive  
  RCA Italiana PM45-3170 Italy 45RPM
  RCA SP 8001 Italy LP
1965   Boia Scarlatto, Il  
  Durium CN 9178 Italy 45RPM
  Durium CN A 9176 Italy 45RPM
  Harmony HI-0020 Italy 45RPM
1966   7 Magnifiche Pistole  
  Beat Records BT 009 Italy 45RPM
  Per Mille Dollari Al Giorno  
  Beat Records BT 009 Italy 45RPM
1967   Pitchi Poi  
  Parade PRC 5044 Italy 45RPM
1968   Zorro, El  
  GDM CD Club 7056 Italy CD
1970   Brucia, Ragazzo, Brucia  
  RCA Talent TL 21 Italy 45RPM
  Brio Records BRN NP 35009 Italy 45RPM
1971   Corsaro Nero, Il  
  Cormorano ZC 50180 Italy 45RPM
  Decca 6.23012 Germany LP
  RCA SP 8035 Italy LP
  Digitmovies CDDM292 Italy CD
  Digitmovies CDDM061 Italy CD
  Digitmovies LPDM010 Italy LP
1973   Verso L'Avventura  
  RCA Records SP 8029 Italy LP
1975   Daughter Of Emanuelle, The  
  RCA Records TBBO 1217 Italy 45RPM
  Insan Avcisi  
  GDM no label number Italy Other
1977   Polizia Selvaggia  
  GDM no label number Italy Other
1979   Supersonic Man  
  RCA Records PB-7691 Spain 45RPM
  RCA Records PB 7691 Italy 45RPM
  GDM CD Club 7056 Italy CD
1980   Pronto Emergenza  
  RCA Records SP 10082 Italy LP
  RCA Records BB 6425 Italy 45RPM
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