Stephen Sondheim
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1961   West Side Story  
  CBS Records CDCBS 70006 Netherlands CD
  Columbia OS-2070 United States LP
  Sony Music/Columbia COL 480672 2 France CD
  CBS/Sony Japan SONX 60006 Japan LP
  Belter 2-90.004 Spain LP
  Odeon Records OR-1167 Japan 45RPM
  Warner Bros. 5511 United States EP
  Masterworks 88725424772 United States CD
  Sony Masterworks SK 48211 United States CD
  Columbia Masterworks OL 5670 United States LP
  CBS Records BPG 62058 Great Britain LP
  Philips 435 252 BE Netherlands 45RPM
  CBS/Supraphon 1 13 0804 Czech Republic LP
  Warner Bros. WS 1427 United States LP
  MGM/Fox DIDX-774166 United States CD
  Columbia MS 6251 United States LP
  Polydor 881766-1 Germany Other
  Ascot Records (UA) UM 13505 United States LP
  CBS Records 62058 (OS 2070) France LP
  First Record FL-1180 Japan LP
  Music on Vinyl MOVATM001 Netherlands LP
  Soundtrack Factory SF 579422 European Union LP
  CBS Records 462544 2 Netherlands CD
  Columbia OS-2070 United States LP
  Philips R 47126 L Netherlands LP
  CBS Records 62058 (OL 5670) Netherlands LP
  CBS Records 32193 Netherlands LP
  Columbia Records OL 5230 United States LP
  Sony Music 88697971812 United States CD
  CBS Records S-70006 Spain LP
  Rhino Records R2 72913 United States CD
  Ascot US 16505 United States LP
  CBS Records 465731 2 Australia CD
  Columbia CK 32603 United States CD
  CBS Records BP 153 012 (OL 5670) France LP
  CBS/Sony 06SP 400 Japan 45RPM
  Philips M-1011 Japan 45RPM
  CBS Records 35DP 59 Japan CD
  CBS Records 61096 Germany LP
  Philips 435163 France EP
  Sony Classical/Legacy SK 89226 United States CD
  Naxos 8.572244 Great Britain CD
  CBS Records 45S-7 Japan 45RPM
  Columbia SCMQ 1606 Italy 45RPM
  CBS Records CW 281.123 Germany 45RPM
  Sony SRCS 7070 Japan CD
  CBS Records S 70006 Netherlands LP
  Sony SMK 63085 United States CD
  Philips 435 252 France EP
  Harkit Records HRKCD 8362 Great Britain CD
  Decca Records DFE 8609 Portugal EP
  United Artists JET-1015 Japan 45RPM
  Rhino Records R2 72912/DRC1 1669 United States CD
  CBS Records EP 5.516 Netherlands EP
  CBS Records 80539 Netherlands LP
  CBS Masterworks MK 42263 United States CD
  CBS/Sony SONE 70049 Japan 45RPM
  Mercury Records 126 018 MCE Spain EP
  Major Classics M2CD012 Great Britain CD
1966   Evening Primrose  
  Varese Sarabande VSD 5805 United States CD
  Kritzerland KR 20011-6 United States CD
  Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum, A  
  United Artists UAS 5144 United States LP
  United Artists UAL 4144 United States LP
  Belter 11 Spain LP
  United Artists LSS-667-UA Japan EP
  Rykodisc RCD 10727 United States CD
  United Artists LA 284-G LP
  Quartet Records SCE051 Spain CD
1974   Stavisky...  
  RCA Records RCD2 7128 United States CD
  Epic ECPO-19 Japan LP
  CAM CSE 094 Italy CD
  Epic/Sony Music EPC 474434 2 Austria CD
  General Music 806.057 France LP
  CAM 74321108642 France CD
  Polydor 2393 088 France LP
  CAM 493366-2 Italy CD
  RCA Records KPL1-5016 United States LP
  CAM SAG 9060 Italy LP
  Varese Sarabande VSD 5805 United States CD
  Universal 530 524 3 France CD
  RCA Red Seal ARL 1-0952 United States LP
  Quartet Records QR271 Spain CD
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