Riz Ortolani
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
0   Cittadella, La  
  CAM SAG 9083 Italy LP
  David Copperfield  
  CAM SAG 9083 Italy LP
  E Le Stelle Stanno A Guardare...  
  CAM SAG 9083 Italy LP
  Fiera Delle Vanitá, La  
  CAM SAG 9083 Italy LP
1961   Malesia Magica  
  Decca (UMO) Classics (CAM) Italy Other
  CAM C.A. 2416 Italy 45RPM
  Ursus Nella Valle Dei Leoni  
  Cinevox CD CIA 5090 Italy CD
  Digitmovies CDDM209 Italy CD
1962   Flying Clipper - Traumreise Unter Weissen Segeln  
  Decca Records SLK 16 239-P Germany LP
  London Records London 17259 Argentina LP
  London Records M 76003 United States LP
  London Records HIT-481 Japan 45RPM
  Disques CinéMusique no label number Canada Other
  Decca Records BLK 16 239-P Germany LP
  London Records HIT-477 Japan 45RPM
  London MS 82003 Great Britain LP
  Mondo Cane  
  SNLI 7272 LP
  BMG Italy/RCA 82876664332-2 Italy CD
  International IN. 70001 Germany LP
  MGM Records K 2051 Italy 45RPM
  Vergara 133-XC Spain EP
  CAM CSE 130 Italy CD
  CAM CA 2412 Italy 45RPM
  King Records KICP-3206 Japan CD
  Durium DE 2858 Italy 45RPM
  Pronit N 0515 Poland EP
  Decca (UMO) Classics (CAM) Italy Other
  Ricordi CAM ORL 8413 Italy LP
  United Artists UAL 4105 United States LP
  Victor CAM-1009 Japan EP
  United Artists UAL 3303 United States LP
  Bel-Air 211093 France EP
  CAM MAG 10.003 LP
  Soundtrack Listeners Communications SLCS-5017 Japan CD
  Victor CP-1089 Japan EP
  Decca Records DFE 8609 Portugal EP
  CAM Fermata LF-30 Argentina LP
  CAM 493097-2 Italy CD
  CAM Cms. 30-038 Italy LP
  Seven Seas FM-1007 Japan 45RPM
  King Records KICP 360 Japan CD
  A Voz Do Dono 7LEM 3130 Portugal EP
  United Artists UAS 5105 United States LP
  CAM/Volcano Records CPC8-1183 Japan CD
  CAM AMP 8 Italy 45RPM
  United Artists UAS 6303 United States LP
  Funckler Records DU 42.743 Netherlands 45RPM
  Seven Seas KICP 3206 Japan CD
  Ricordi CDSNIR 25123 Italy CD
  CAM CVS005 Italy CD
  Sugar Records 10 Italy CD
  EMI/Columbia SLEM 2.147 Portugal EP
  CAM CA. 2558 Italy 45RPM
  CAM SAG 9040 Italy LP
  EMI 3C054-17953 Italy LP
  United Artists MUA 5105 United States Other
  Mercury Records MG 20887 United States LP
  Vergara 275-XC Spain EP
  Sorpasso, Il  
  CAM CVS 018 Italy CD
  RCA Victor TP 183 EP
  Milan 399 552-2 France CD
  BMG Italy/RCA 82876664332-2 Italy CD
  RCA Victor 3AE-3160 Argentina EP
  Hispavox HI 307 02 Spain 45RPM
  RCA Victor MXE 186 Spain EP
  RCA MKE-486 Mexico EP
  CAM 493209-2 Italy CD
  RCA Victor PM45-3100 Italy 45RPM
  RCA Victor FTA 215 Peru 45RPM
  Discos Belter 51.316 Spain EP
  Cecchi Gori Music/Sony CGM 483560 2 Italy CD
  Vergara 133-XC Spain EP
1963   Cavalca e Uccidi  
  RCA Victor LSP-2766 United States LP
  RCA Victor LPM-2766 United States LP
  Delitto E Castigo  
  CAM SAG 9083 Italy LP
  Donna Nel Mondo, La  
  King Records KICP-359 Japan CD
  CAM CA. 2461 Italy 45RPM
  RCA Italiana PM45-3167 Italy 45RPM
  Decca DL 79112 United States LP
  CAM CVS005 Italy CD
  CAM Cms 30-049 Italy LP
  International IN 3012 Germany 45RPM
  Decca DL 9112 United States LP
  Seven Seas KICP 356 Japan CD
  Victor CP-1089 Japan EP
  CAM MH(s) 16 Japan LP
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