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A search for 'Dear White People' gave the following results:

1 matches in titles (motion pictures, tv shows/series, video games and compilation albums):
17 matches in composers
  1. Hello People
  2. Juice People, Unlimited
  3. White Sea
  4. Jim White
  5. White R./Ali Khan N.F.
  6. Brian Lee White
  7. Philip White
  8. Michael White
  9. Roger White
  10. Lennie White
  11. Daniel White
  12. Barry White
  13. Jack White
  14. Tony Joe White
  15. Daniel Joseph White
  16. John Clifford White
  17. Billy White Acre

4676 matches in tracks
  1. White People (00:29)
    from Butter
  2. Whem white people call (00:38)
    from Butler, The
  3. Dear Little Boy (Dear Little Girl) (01:57)
    from Star!
    (performed by Julie Andrews and Daniel Massey)
  4. 3S16 - Dear EarthDear Ann (02:44)
    from Space: Above And Beyond
    Total Time, Disc 2: 76:44
  5. Descending Poignant - "Oh Dear, Oh Dear" (00:15)
    from Dark Shadows
  6. Dear Little Boy (Dear Little Girl) (01:58)
    from Star!
  7. Dear Little Boy (Dear Little Girl) (00:00)
    from Star!
  8. Dear Heart (from "Dear Heart") (02:41)
    from Wonderful World Of Motion Pictures, The
    Henri Mancini
  9. Dear Heart (from "Dear Heart") (02:41)
    from Goldfinger
    Henri Mancini
  10. Dear Heart (from "Dear Heart") (02:41)
    from Topkapi
    Henri Mancini
  11. Dear Heart (from "Dear Heart") (02:41)
    from Kiss Me, Stupid
    Henri Mancini
  12. Dear Heart (from "Dear Heart") (02:41)
    from Ieri, Oggi, Domani
    Henri Mancini
  13. Dear Heart (from "Dear Heart") (02:41)
    from Zulu
    Henri Mancini
  14. Dear Heart (from "Dear Heart") (02:41)
    from Dear Heart
    Henri Mancini
  15. Dear Heart (from "Dear Heart") (02:41)
    from Sex And The Single Girl
    Henri Mancini
  16. Dear Heart (from "Dear Heart") (02:41)
    from Hard Day's Night, A
    Henri Mancini
  17. Dear Heart (from "Dear Heart") (02:41)
    from Woman Of Straw
    Henri Mancini
  18. Dear Heart (from "Dear Heart") (02:41)
    from My Fair Lady
    Henri Mancini
  19. Dear Heart (from "Dear Heart") (02:41)
    from Goodbye Charlie
    Henri Mancini
  20. Dear Heart (from "Dear Heart") (02:41)
    from Of Human Bondage
    Henri Mancini
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