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  1. Suspiria (Il Giaguaro GRC 006)
    Split 7" Of Death Dies (Film Version Part 1) from "Deep Red" and "Suspiria". Free With Il Giaguaro Magazine No. 05.
  2. Getting Straight (Gregar 71-0101)
    Robert Allen performs "Getting Straight" b/w "(Theme From) Things Of Life"split 7".
  3. Cannibal Ferox (One Way Static Records OWS03 )
    Limited edition. Pressed on black vinyl and on two limited color vinyl variants (Green/Clear Split & Camouflage)
  4. Phantom Of The Opera, The (One Way Static Records OWS04)
    Limited edition. Pressed on black vinyl and on two limited color vinyl variants (Black/Clear Split & Clear with Black & White Splatter)
  5. Friday The 13th (Waxwork Records WW13)
    180 Gram Vinyl. Vinyl details include: - Limited edition blood filled vinyl limited to 100 units and one per customer. - Woodland Green with Blood Splatter vinyl. - Crystal Lake Murky Green and Blood 2 color split. - Crystal Lake Murky Green.
  6. LEGO Movie, The (Spacelab9 2009)
    2 LP's in Wild Style splatter vinyl or Emmet split vinyl.
  7. Candyman: Farewell To The Flesh (One Way Static Records OWS10)
    500 copies Black Vinyl. 500 Foil-numbered BEE HAZE Vinyl. 500 Foil-numbered SILVER/YELLOW SPLIT Vinyl .
  8. Papaya Dei Caraibi (One Way Static Records OWS11)
    Edition of 500 Foil-numbered CLEAR WITH PINK HAZE Vinyl or edition of 500 Foil-numbered PINK/GREEN SPLIT Vinyl .
  9. Burning, The (One Way Static Records OWS12)
    #500 Foil-numbered CLEAR WITH ORANGE HAZE Vinyl. #500 Foil-numbered CLEAR/ORANGE SPLIT Vinyl
  10. Mazâ 2: Gîgu No Gyakushû (Ship to Shore STS007)
    Each 2xLP is housed in an old style tip on gatefold jacket, and a traditional Japanese OBI strip. Vinyl colors: * Classic Black Vinyl. * Red/Black swirl. * Blue/Yellow Split. * Hot Spring Pink.
  11. Grande Silenzio, Il (Dagored RED229C - LP)
    First vinyl reissue. Green & Brown Split vinyl. Limited edition of 500 copies.
  12. Akumajô Densetsu (Mondo Music MOND-073)
    Two versions available. First version features two 180 Gram Split color LPs (Disc 1: Trevor Bronze and Alucard Black, Disc 2: Grant Maroon and Sypha Blue - Limited to 1,000 Copies). Second version is pressed on Translucent Orange with Grey and Black Splatter (Limited to 2,500 Copies).
  13. Blue Velvet (Fire Records FROST003LPX)
    Split colour vinyl.
  14. Nekromantik (One Way Static Records OWS06)
    200 Copies black and grey swirl vinyl. 100 Copies black/milky clear split vinyl)
  15. Dono Del Nilo, Il (Spettro SP07)
    700 Hand-numbered copies. First 300 on Orange/Brown Split Vinyl.
  16. Papaya Dei Caraibi (One Way Static Records OWS11)
    60 Copies, each individually hand-numbered in a custom made yellow screen-printed jacket, inserted with a green/pink split color vinyl copie.
  17. Defenders, The (Mondo MOND-120)
    Pressed on 2X 180 Gram vinyl. Disc 1: red/yellow split, Disc 2: purple/green split. Also available on 180 Gram black vinyl.
  18. Ant-Man And The Wasp (Mondo Music MOND-188)
    2-LP Split-Colored vinyl in beautifully rendered gatefold album.
  19. Coda Dello Scorpione, La (Death Waltz Recording Company DW060)
    Original Release Title: The Case Of The Scorpion's Tail
    2xLP: Black/Yellow Split & Red/Black Split Vinyl.
  20. Umbrella Academy, The (Lakeshore Records LKS35888)
    Black & white split coloured vinyl.
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  1. Split Second (02:44)
    from A Pugni Nudi
  2. Do The Split (01:07)
    from Slither
  3. Split (01:31)
    from New Interns, The
  4. Split-B (00:19)
    from B: The Beginning
  5. Split Second (02:40)
    from A Pugni Nudi
  6. They'll Never Split Us Apart (00:00)
    from Hanna Barbera Pic-a-nic Basket Of Cartoon Classics
  7. Split Them Up! (04:15)
    from X-Men: Apocalypse
  8. Split Up (00:55)
    from Cabin Fever: Patient Zero
  9. Split to Rome (02:30)
    from Duplicity
  10. Split to Miami (00:49)
    from Duplicity
  11. Split To Cleveland (00:48)
    from Duplicity
  12. Split to Cleveland (00:48)
    from Duplicity
  13. Schoolyard Split (02:38)
    from Shaft
  14. Split to London (00:47)
    from Duplicity
  15. Split to Rome (02:30)
    from Duplicity
  16. Split to London (00:47)
    from Duplicity
  17. Split To Miami (00:49)
    from Duplicity
  18. Split To London (00:47)
    from Duplicity
  19. Like a Chicken on a Split (00:00)
    from Nightcomers, The
  20. Split Personalities (01:49)
    from Albion: The Enchanted Stallion
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