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A search for 'The Lone Ranger' gave the following results:

8 matches in titles (motion pictures, tv shows/series, video games and compilation albums):
340 matches in tracks
  1. Lone Ranger (00:00)
    from Black Saddle
  2. Lone Ranger (00:00)
    from Themes From The Hip
  3. Lone Ranger (00:00)
    from Gunsmoke
  4. Lone Ranger (00:00)
    from Have Gun Will Travel
  5. Lone Ranger (00:00)
    from Restless Gun, The
  6. Lone Ranger (00:00)
    from Wagon Train
  7. Lone Ranger (00:00)
    from Life And Legend Of Wyatt Earp, The
  8. Lone Ranger (00:00)
    from Bat Masterson
  9. Lone Ranger (00:00)
    from Maverick
  10. Lone Ranger (00:00)
    from Wanted: Dead Or Alive
  11. Lone Ranger (00:00)
    from Lawman
  12. Lone Ranger (00:00)
    from Lone Ranger, The
  13. Lone Ranger (00:00)
    from Colt .45
  14. The lone ranger (00:00)
    from Meilleurs Génériques Des Séries T.V. Américaines 60's, Les
  15. The Original Lone Ranger (01:35)
    from Timeless
  16. The Lone Ranger - Main Theme (00:00)
    from 100 Greatest Western Themes
  17. The Lone Ranger (00:00)
    from All-Time Top 100 TV Themes
    Gioacchino Rossini
  18. Scheming (The Lone Ranger) (01:08)
    from Music From The Serials
    Karl Hajos
  19. William Tell Overture: Finale (03:27)
    from Way Out West
    The Lone Ranger
  20. William Tell Overture: Finale (03:27)
    from Alamo, The
    The Lone Ranger
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