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Animal Crackers



Animal Crackers (1930)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Harry Ruby (uncredited)
Max Reese (incidental music; uncredited)
Bert Kalmar (uncredited)

Released in:

United States


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Soundtrack Factory SFCD33549  

Release Date

Contains dialogue and music.

Also contains music from:
 Horse Feathers

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Collection: 6
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  Track listing

1.  Main Title (01:05)
Tracks 1-8 from "Horse Feathers"
2.  I'm Against It (03:08)
Performed by Groucho Marx
3.  Everyone Says I Love You (01:29)
Performed by Zeppo Marx
4.  Everyone Says I Love You/"Piano Medley" (02:45)
Performed by Chico Marx
5.  Everyone Says I Love You (03:07)
Performed by Harpo Marx
6.  Everyone Says I Love You (01:28)
Performed by Groucho Marx
7.  "Professor Wagstaff Presents The Football Game" (00:59)
8.  Happy End (01:04)
9.  Main Title (01:42)
9-20 from "Animal Crackers"
10.  Butler's Song (01:04)
Performed by Robert Greig And The Music Masters
11.  You Must Do Your Best Tonight/I Represent (01:56)
Performed by Zeppo Marx and Chorus
12.  Hello, I Must Be Going/Horray For Captain Spaulding (03:17)
Performed by Zeppo & Groucho Marx, Margaret Dumont & Chorus
13.  "Introducing Emanuel Ravelli" (00:41)
14.  "Presenting The Professor" (00:30)
15.  Somewhere My Love Lies Sleepin'/"Piano Medley" (03:43)
Performed by Chico Marx
16.  "Piano Stravaganza" (02:09)
Including "My Fate Is In Your Hands" (Andy Razaf) and The Gypsy Chorus from Il Trovatore (Guiseppe Verdi), Performed by Chico Marx
17.  Why Am I So Romantic? (06:35)
Performed by Lilian Roth & Hal Thompson/Harpo Marx
18.  "Incidental Music" (00:33)
19.  In My Old Kentucky Home (00:27)
Performed by Chico, Groucho and Zeppo Marx
20.  End Title (00:25)
21.  "The Professor's Conference" (02:39)
21- 25 Dialogue Bonus Tracks. Performed by Groucho Marx, from Horse Feathers
22.  "The Swordfish Password" (01:32)
Performed by Groucho & Chico Marx, from Horse Feathers
23.  "Anatomy Lesson" (02:50)
Performed by Groucho, Harpo & Chico Marx, from Horse Feathers
24.  "The Captain Between Two Women" (05:10)
Performed by Groucho Marx, Margaret Dumont & Margaret Irving, from Animal Crackers
25.  "A Tall African Tale" (02:55)
Performed by Groucho Marx & Margaret Dumont, from Animal Crackers

Total Duration: 00:53:13
Track listing contributed by PHS

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