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Ernest Gold Collection, The

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Ernest Gold Collection, The (2022)

Compilation Album Composer(s):
Ernest Gold

Released in:

United States

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Dragon's Domain Records DDR738  

Original Release Title
Volume 1 
United States 
Release Date

Also contains music from:
 Smooth As Silk
 Naked Street, The
 Unindentified Flying Objects: The True Story Of Flying Saucers
 Man On The Prowl
 Wink Of An Eye
 Safari 3000

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  Track listing

1.  Main Title (01:32)
Track 1: Exposed (1947)
2.  Dinner Music (00:53)
3.  Private Party (01:06)
Tracks 2-3: Smooth as Silk (1946)
4.  The Cheating Husband (02:27)
5.  The Baby Dies (01:57)
6.  Hijacking (02:36)
7.  Brother and Sister (01:27)
Tracks 4-7: The Naked Street (1955)
8.  Main Title (01:51)
9.  Washington (03:27)
10.  Saucer Concerto (01:38)
11.  Washington National (04:32)
Tracks 8-11: UFO (1956)
12.  Main Title (01:11)
13.  What I’ve Got, Isn’t For Delivery Boys (04:10)
14.  A Good Angle (03:24)
15.  Radio Source (02:04)
16.  The End of Doug and Finale (02:10)
Tracks 12-16: Man on the Prowl (1957)
17.  Main Title (01:16)
18.  All Is Well (02:38)
Tracks 17-18: Wink of an Eye (1958)
19.  Flute Source/Start Your Engines/Airport Arrival (03:50)
20.  This is a Rented Car/Lorenzo/Get On With It/Steal That Engine (03:38)
21.  Rally Party Source (02:21)
22.  The Race Begins/Bridge Peril (03:49)
23.  Transgression/Hotel Lounge Source (01:28)
24.  Let’s Dance (01:52)
25.  Meet In The Mud/Find The Salami/Take A Picture (03:26)
26.  Behind You/Story Time (03:12)
27.  Zebras/I Hope We Win (02:39)
28.  Hotel Lounge Source #2/Make Haste (01:59)
29.  It Doesn’t Have To Be/Those Cigars Are Killing Me/Up A Willow Tree/ The Moment Supreme (04:49)
30.  A Short Cut/Thanks For The Push/End Credits (04:31)
Tracks 19-30: Safari 3000 (Aka Two in the Bush) (1982)

Total Duration: 01:17:53
Track listing contributed by jordan.tokuscope

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