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Hawkins On Murder



Hawkins On Murder (1973)

Television Show/Movie/Series Composer(s):
Jerry Goldsmith

Released in:

United States

Also known as:
  • Death And The Maiden (1973)

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Film Score Monthly FSMCD Vol. 6 No. 13

Film Score Monthly FSMCD Vol. 6 No. 13  

United States 
Release Date

Silver Age Classics series.
Limited edition of 3,000 copies.

Also contains music from:
 Winter Kill

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  Track listing

1.  Hawkins: The Bodies/Main Title/No Tourist Attractions/A Stranger in the House/The Beach/All That Can Be Done (05:08)
2.  Hawkins: No Worries/It Won't Happen/A Couple of Kids/Sarabande (07:03)
3.  Hawkins: A Strange Freedom/A Second Time (03:30)
4.  Hawkins: Julia's Confession/End Title (01:05)
5.  Winter Kill: Number One (03:56)
6.  Winter Kill: Main Title/The Cigar (03:56)
7.  Winter Kill: The Village/Number Three/Late Visit (03:22)
8.  Winter Kill: Late Arrival/What's in a Name/I'm Worried/A New Killer (04:35)
9.  Winter Kill: Shootout (02:07)
10.  Winter Kill: Fatherless Child (01:41)
11.  Babe: Theme (02:27)
12.  Babe: Babe/High Off the Hog (03:34)
13.  Babe: The Team/Where Is It (02:54)
14.  Babe: Sick Nun (03:06)
15.  Babe: You Bet Ya/It's Late/I Do (03:23)
16.  Babe: Round Trip/Morning Edition (02:12)
17.  Babe: On the Green/Can She?/WPGA/Outpatient (02:00)
18.  Babe: No Changes/Sudden Pain (02:33)
19.  Babe: Always a Winner (04:11)
20.  Bonus Track: When You've Gone Away (04:47)
From "Babe". Lyrics by Carol Heather. Vocal unknown
21.  Bonus Track: Missing Gun/Red Snow/Which One/Number Two (03:52)
From "Winter Kill"
22.  Bonus Track: More Clues (01:25)
From "Winter Kill"
23.  Bonus Track: Final Victim/Special Delivery (04:17)
From "Winter Kill"
24.  Bonus Track: Main Title (01:16)
From "Hawkins"

Total Duration: 01:18:20
Track listing contributed by Wilson Maffetano

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