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Ordeal By Innocence



Ordeal By Innocence (1984)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Dave Brubeck (non-original music)
Pino Donaggio (rejected score)

Released in:

Great Britain

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Collection: 77
Wish list: 6

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Kritzerland KR 20018-5

Kritzerland KR 20018-5  

United States 
Release Date

Pino Donaggio's rejected score.
Limited edition of 1000 copies.

Other information
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Collection: 44
Wish list: 2

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  Track listing

1.  Main Title (02:43)
2.  The Visit (03:00)
3.  Flashbacks (01:51)
4.  These Woods Could Prove Fatal (02:32)
5.  We’re All Suspects Now / Flashbacks 2 (02:24)
6.  Family By Adoption / Calgary In Danger / Blackmail (03:52)
7.  Flashbacks 3 / A Day At The Races /Target Practice (01:56)
8.  A Death In The Family/And Then There Were Less (02:32)
9.  The Mystery Solved (04:06)
10.  End Titles (02:20)
11.  Bonus Suite of Alternate Cues (06:42)

Total Duration: 00:33:58
Track listing contributed by Ivan Sorokin

Silva Screen/Edel Company SIL 5093-2 Image supplied by

Silva Screen/Edel Company SIL 5093-2  

Release Date

Also contains music from:
 Déjà Vu
 Going Bananas

Other information
Members who have this label in their:
Collection: 32
Wish list: 4

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  Track listing

1.  Fog On The Lake / Paris Theme / Bad Dreams (06:49)
from "Déjà Vu"
2.  Love Plot (05:26)
from "Déjà Vu"
3.  Olga's Background (04:11)
from "Déjà Vu"
4.  Burning Book (04:44)
from "Déjà Vu"
5.  Vanishing Haze (06:09)
from "Déjà Vu"
6.  Africa I Love You / The Long Chase (06:36)
from "Going Bananas"
7.  Banana Jive (06:42)
from "Going Bananas"
8.  Benjamin In The Pits / Bonzo's Punchout (08:21)
from "Going Bananas"
9.  Lullaby / Jumping Bonzo / Patty Cakes (04:20)
from "Going Bananas"
10.  Africa Montage / Jump To Freedom (07:02)
from "Going Bananas"
11.  Suite For A Dying Venice (17:36)
The Lost Score for "Ordeal By Innocence"

Total Duration: 01:17:56
Track listing contributed by flupkeke

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