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Time Guardian, The



Time Guardian, The (1987)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Allan Zavod

Released in:



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Dragon's Domain Records DDR693  

United States 
Release Date

Also contains music from:
 Incident At Raven's Gate

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  Track listing

1.  Main Title (03:16)
2.  Intruders (01:42)
3.  Rachelís Theme (01:02)
4.  Ravenís Gate (02:05)
5.  Ravenís Gate Horror and Bodies on Bonnet (01:43)
6.  Annieís Death (00:56)
7.  Rachel Alone and Return to Ravenís Gate (02:18)
8.  Escape From Ravenís Gate (01:09)
9.  Rachel and Eddie (02:14)
10.  Richard Attacks and Desolate House (05:00)
11.  The Return (02:07)
Tracks 1-11: INCIDENT AT RAVENíS GATE - Music by Graham Tardif
12.  Main Title and Prologue (02:36)
13.  Attack on the City (03:08)
14.  Letís Get Those Tin Cans/Time Spin (02:20)
15.  No Gold/Kill Them All/Strange Storm (01:45)
16.  Meeting/Annie at the Cave/The Drawing (03:20)
17.  Didgeridoo/Destroying the Spheres/Dying Cyborg (03:40)
18.  Ballard and Annie/Trip to Town/Sphere Piece/Future History (03:05)
19.  Earth Mover (01:19)
20.  Jail Break and Here Come Cyborgs/Waiting for the City (04:55)
21.  City Arrives/Victory is Ours/Test of Courage (03:30)
22.  Cat and Mouse/Five Hundred Years of Power All At Once (01:41)
23.  The Big Kiss & ďThis Time I KnowĒ (04:48)
(Allan Zavod, Robert Martin) - Vocal: Angry Anderson
24.  End Credits (Unused Alternate Version) (03:02)
Tracks 12-24: THE TIME GUARDIAN - Music by Allan Zavod

Total Duration: 01:02:41
Track listing contributed by jordan.tokuscope

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