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Music From The Films Of Michael Caine

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Music From The Films Of Michael Caine



Music From The Films Of Michael Caine (2001)

Compilation Album Composer(s):
Maurice Jarre
Roy Budd
John Barry
Quincy Jones
David Hentschel
Rachel Portman
Ron Goodwin
Pino Donaggio
Burt Bacharach
John Addison
Lalo Schifrin

Released in:

Great Britain

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Silva Screen FILMCD 338

Silva Screen FILMCD 338  

Great Britain 
Release Date

Also contains music from:
 Get Carter
 Italian Job, The
 Cider House Rules, The
 Last Valley, The
 Eagle Has Landed, The
 Ipcress File, The
 Educating Rita
 Mona Lisa
 Dressed To Kill
 Battle Of Britain
 Hannah And Her Sisters
 Swarm, The
 Man Who Would Be King, The

Other information
Members who have this label in their:
Collection: 7
Wish list: 1

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  Track listing

1.  Michael Caine (03:38)
Performed by Madness
2.  GET CARTER: Main Theme (05:15)
Composed by Roy Budd
3.  THE ITALIAN JOB: Getta' a Bloomin' Move On (03:22)
Composed by Quincy Jones / Don Black
4.  ALFIE: "Alfie" Instrumental Version (03:16)
Composed by Burt Bacharach
5.  ZULU: Main Theme (02:35)
Composed by John Barry
6.  THE CIDER HOUSE RULES: End Titles (04:06)
Composed by Rachel Portman
7.  THE LAST VALLEY: Main Theme / End Title (05:47)
Composed by John Barry
8.  THE EAGLE HAS LANDED: Main Title (02:22)
Composed by Lalo Schifrin
9.  THE IPCRESS FILE: A Man Alone (04:02)
Composed by John Barry
10.  EDUCATING RITA: Rita's Theme (02:39)
Composed by David Hentschel
11.  MONA LISA: Mona Lisa (03:27)
Performed by Nat King Cole
12.  SLEUTH: Overture (02:53)
Composed by John Addison
13.  DRESSED TO KILL: The Gallery (06:02)
Composed by Pino Donaggio
14.  THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN: Aces High (03:53)
Composed by Ron Goodwin
15.  HANNAH AND HER SISTERS: Largo from Keyboard Concerto in F minor, BWV 1056 (02:46)
Composed by J.S. Bach
16.  THE SWARM: The Bees Arrive (04:26)
Composed by John Barry
17.  THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING: Main Theme (04:25)
Composed by Maurice Jarre
18.  THE ITALIAN JOB: On Days Like These (03:38)
Performed by Matt Monro, Composed by Quincy Jones / Don Black
19.  THE ITALIAN JOB: It's Caper Time (Instrumental) (03:14)
Composed by Quincy Jones
20.  ALFIE: "Alfie" Vocal Version (03:14)
Performed by Helen Hobson, Composed by Burt Bacharach / Hal David

Total Duration: 01:15:00
Track listing contributed by coma

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