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Mutiny On The Bounty



Mutiny On The Bounty (1935)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Herbert Stothart
Walter Jurmann (song"Love Song of Tahiti"; uncredited)
Gus Kahn ("Love Song of Tahiti"; uncredited)
Bronislaw Kaper ("Love Song of Tahiti"; uncredited)

Released in:

United States

Action, Adventure, Drama, History

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Compilation Albums

Rhino R2 75701 Image supplied by

Rhino R2 75701  

United States 
Release Date

2 CD's. Contains a 48-page booklet.

Also contains music from:
 Joy In The Morning
 Good Earth, The
 Women, The
 Wizard Of Oz, The
 Philadelphia Story, The
 Random Harvest
 Clock, The
 Yearling, The
 Madame Bovary
 Prisoner of Zenda, The
 Bad And The Beautiful, The
 Bad Day At Black Rock
 I'll Cry Tomorrow
 Lust For Life
 Designing Woman
 Raintree County
 Some Came Running
 North By Northwest
 Home From The Hill
 Subterraneans, The
 King Of Kings
 Two Weeks In Another Town
 Mutiny On The Bounty
 Bachelor In Paradise
 Prize, The
 How The West Was Won
 Americanization Of Emily, The
 Patch Of Blue, A
 Cincinnati Kid, The
 Sandpiper, The
 Doctor Zhivago

This label refers to the following compilation album:
 Lion's Roar: Classic M-G-M Film Scores 1935 - 1965, The

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Collection: 79
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  Track listing

Disc/Cassette 1

1.  Mutiny on the bounty (1935) (03:58)
Herbert Stothart
2.  The good earth (1937) (03:45)
Herbert Stothart
3.  The women (1939) (06:56)
Edward Ward
4.  The wizard of Oz (1939) (11:02)
Harold Arlen and Herbert Stothart
5.  The Philadelphia story (1940) (03:53)
Franz Waxman
6.  Random harvest (1942) (03:04)
Herbert Stothart
7.  The clock (1945) (02:48)
George Bassman
8.  The Yearling (1946) (06:06)
Herbert Stothart
9.  Madame Bovary (1949) (04:44)
Miklos Rozsa
10.  The prisoner of Zenda (1952) (04:58)
Alfred Newman
11.  Lili (1953) (04:45)
Bronislau kaper
12.  Ivanhoe (1952) (02:34)
Miklos Rozsa
13.  Invitation (1952) (04:02)
Bronislau Kaper
14.  The bad and the beautiful (1952) (02:19)
David Raksin
15.  bad day at black rock (1955) (03:17)
Andre Previn
16.  I'll cry tomorrow (1956) (03:56)
Alex North
17.  Lust for life (1956) (04:19)
Miklos Rozsa
18.  Designing woman (1957) (01:34)
Andre Previn

Disc/Cassette 2

1.  Raintree country (1957) (02:53)
Johnny Green
2.  Some came running (1958) (05:15)
Elmer Bernstein
3.  Ben-Hur (1959) (02:10)
Miklos Rozsa
4.  North by Northwest (1959) (02:15)
Bernard Herrmann
5.  Home from the hill (1960) (08:16)
Bronislau Kaper
6.  The subterraneans (1960) (01:57)
Andre Previn
7.  Cimarron (1960) (06:23)
Franz Waxman
8.  King of Kings (1961) (06:50)
Miklos Rozsa
9.  Two weeks in another town (1962) (03:12)
David Raksin
10.  Mutiny on the bounty (1962) (04:38)
Bronislau Kaper
11.  bachelor in paradise (1961) (03:22)
Henri Mancini
12.  The prize (1963) (02:35)
jerry Goldsmith
13.  How the west was won (1962) (03:08)
Alfred Newman
14.  The Americanization of Emily (1964) (05:05)
Johnny Mandel
15.  A patch of blue (1965) (03:25)
Jerry Goldsmith
16.  The Cincinnati kid (1965) (03:10)
Lalo Schifrin
17.  Joy in the morning (1965) (07:22)
Bernard Herrmann
18.  The sandpiper (1965) (04:15)
Johnny Mandel
19.  Doctor Zhivago (1965) (01:43)
Maurice Jarre

Total Duration: 02:35:54
Track listing contributed by s.tonkens

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