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Riz Ortolani Conducting The Cinephilharmonic Orchestra

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Riz Ortolani Conducting The Cinephilharmonic Orchestra



Riz Ortolani Conducting The Cinephilharmonic Orchestra (1989)

Compilation Album Composer(s):
Riz Ortolani

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Ricordi CDSNIR 25123 Image supplied by

Ricordi CDSNIR 25123  

Release Date

Also contains music from:
 Piovra, La
 Mondo Cane
 Valachi Papers, The
 Africa Addio
 Yellow Rolls-Royce, The

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Collection: 4
Wish list: 5

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  Track listing

1.  Suite Romana (06:23)
a) brani da Feste Romane (O.Respighi); b) Arriverderci Roma (Rascel, Garinei, Giovannini)
2.  Mondo cane suite (10:40)
R. Ortolani - N. Oliviero Mondo cane theme / Caccia agli squali / Ragazze e marinai / More
3.  Valachi papers (06:23)
R. Ortolani Power and violence / Valachi theme
4.  Eine kleine nachtmusik (05:32)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
5.  Africa addio suite (11:36)
R. Ortolani Massacro di maidopei / Verso la liberta' / La marchetta dello zio Tom / Africa addio theme
6.  The yellow Rolls Royce (07:11)
R. Ortolani The yellow Rolls Royce Titles/ Forget domani
7.  La piovra (The Octopus) (09:50)
R. Ortolani La piovra theme / Maffia bosses/ Family likeness / Maffia kidnapping/ reprise La piovra theme
8.  Radetsky marsch (04:07)
Johann Strauss Sr.

Total Duration: 01:01:42
Track listing contributed by s.tonkens

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