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Judy Garland: Collectors' Gems From The M-G-M Films (1996)

Compilation Album Composer(s):
Arthur Freed
Nacio Herb Brown
Gus Kahn
Walter Jurmann
Bert Kalmar
Bronislaw Kaper
Harry Ruby
David Snell
Roger Edens
Mack Gordon
Harry Revel
William Axt
Al Hoffman
Milton Ager
James F. Hanley
Al Lewis
Murray Mencher
Benny Davis
Lester Santley
George Bassman
George M. Cohan
George E. Stoll
Ben Vaughn
Leonid Raab
Herbert Stothart
Harry Carroll
Karl Hoschna
E.Y. Harburg
Burton Lane
Paul Francis Webster
Harold Adamson
Earl K. Brent
Lew Brown
Ralph Freed
Ferde Grofé Sr.
Harold Rome
Dmitri Shostakovich
Jerome Kern
Cole Porter
Irving Berlin

Released in:

United States

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Rhino Records R2 72543 Image supplied by
Piet van de Merwe

Rhino Records R2 72543  

United States 
Release Date

Also contains music from:
 Every Sunday
 Broadway Melody Of 1938
 Thoroughbreds Don't Cry
 Everybody Sing
 Love Finds Andy Hardy
 Listen, Darling
 Andy Hardy Meets Debutante
 Little Nellie Kelly
 Life Begins For Andy Hardy
 Ziegfeld Girl
 Presenting Lily Mars
 Thousands Cheer
 Till The Clouds Roll By
 Pirate, The
 Annie Get Your Gun

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Members who have this label in their:
Collection: 22
Wish list: 0

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  Track listing

Disc/Cassette 1

1.  Waltz With A Swing/Americana (Medley) (02:27)
Track 1-2: From Every Sunday (1936)
2.  Opera vs. Jazz (Americana Reprise) (01:36)
3.  Everybody Sing (Extended Version) (04:48)
Track 3-5: From Broadway Melody Of 1938 (1937)
4.  Yours And Mine (Outtake) (02:22)
5.  Your Broadway And My Broadway (Outtake) (03:34)
6.  Got A Pair Of New Shoes (Extended Version) (02:29)
Track 6-7: From Thoroughbreds Don't Cry (1937)
7.  Sun Showers (Outtake) (02:27)
8.  Down On Melody Farm (Extended Version) (04:40)
Track 8-10: From Everybody Sing (1938)
9.  Why, Because! (02:15)
10.  Ever Since The World Began/Shall I Sing A Melody? (04:27)
11.  In Between (04:31)
Track 11-14: From Love Finds Andy Hardy (1938)
12.  It Never Rains, But What It Pours (02:24)
13.  Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen (Outtake) (02:49)
14.  Meet The Beat Of My Heart (Extended Version) (02:55)
15.  Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart (Unused "Swing" Version)(Outtake) (02:52)
Track 15-17: From Listen, Darling (1938)
16.  On The Bumpy Road To Love (02:08)
17.  Ten Pins In The Sky (03:36)
18.  I'm Nobody's Baby (03:32)
Track 18-20: From Andy Hardy Meets Debutante (1940)
19.  All I Do Is Dream Of You (Outtake) (01:37)
20.  Alone (02:43)
21.  It's A Great Day For The Irish (02:37)
Track 21-24: From Little Nellie Kelly (1940)
22.  Danny Boy (Outtake) (02:37)
23.  A Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow (02:52)
24.  Singin' In The Rain (03:00)
25.  Easy To Love (Outtake) (03:25)
From Life Begins For Andy Hardy (1941)

Disc/Cassette 2

1.  We Must Have Music (Outtake) (02:15)
Track 1-3: From Ziegfeld Girl (1941)
2.  I'm Always Chasing Rainbows (02:08)
3.  Minnie From Trinidad (05:21)
4.  Every Little Movement Has A Meaning Of Its Own (02:10)
Track 4-8: From Presenting Lily Mars (1943)
5.  Tom, Tom, The Piper's Son (02:40)
6.  When I Look At You (01:32)
7.  Paging Mr. Greenback (Outtake) (04:51)
8.  Where There's Music (Finale Medley)(Extended Version) (10:16)
9.  The Joint Is Really Jumpin' Down At Carnegie Hall (03:40)
From Thousands Cheer (1943)
10.  D'Ya Love Me (Outtake) (02:33)
From Till The Clouds Roll By (1946)
11.  Mack The Black (Deleted Version)(Outtake) (06:01)
Track 11-13: From The Pirate (1948)
12.  Love Of My Life (Deleted Version)(Outtake) (04:41)
13.  Voodoo (Outtake) (06:09)
14.  You Can't Get A Man With A Gun (Outtake) (04:23)
Track 14-21: From Annie Get Your Gun (1949)
15.  There's No Business Like Show Business (Outtake) (02:19)
16.  They Say It's Wonderful (Outtake) (03:22)
17.  The Girl That I Marry (Reprise)(Outtake) (02:07)
18.  I've Got The Sun In The Morning (Outtake) (02:08)
19.  Let's Go West, Again (Outtake) (03:25)
20.  Anything You Can Do (Outtake) (02:38)
21.  There's No Business Like Show Business (Reprise)(Outtake) (01:02)

Total Duration: 02:30:24
Track listing contributed by Piet van de Merwe

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