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Mel Tormé At The Movies (1999)

Compilation Album Composer(s):
Jimmy McHugh
Richard Rodgers
Ray Henderson
Buddy G. DeSylva
Ralph Blane
Lew Brown
Roger Edens
Hugh Martin
George E. Stoll
Paul Dunlap
Peter Nero
Lewis E. Gensler
Leo Robin
Charles Bradshaw
Gail Kubik
Bronislaw Kaper
Adolph Deutsch
Irving Berlin
Boris Morros
Ralph Rainger
Marlin Skiles
Gregory Stone
Benny Carter
Carl W. Stalling
Milt Franklyn
Danny Elfman

Released in:

United States

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Rhino Records R2 75481 Image supplied by
Piet van de Merwe

Rhino Records R2 75481  

United States 
Release Date

Also contains music from:
 Higher And Higher
 Good News
 Words And Music
 Duchess Of Idaho
 Walk Like A Dragon
 Sunday In New York
 Millions In The Air
 Desperate Hours, The
 Green Dolphin Street
 Some Like It Hot
 Puttin' On The Ritz
 Big Broadcast Of 1937, The
 Man Called Adam, A
 Night Of The Living Duck, The
 Dick Tracy
 Some Like It Hot

Other information
Members who have this label in their:
Collection: 9
Wish list: 5

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  Track listing

1.  Mrs. Whiffen (outtake) (02:47)
Track 1-2: From Higher & Higher (RKO, 1943)
2.  Minuet In Boogie (02:05)
3.  The Best Things In Life Are Free (03:40)
Track 3-7: From Good News (M-G-M, 1947)
4.  Lucky In Love (05:44)
5.  Be A Ladies' Man (03:43)
6.  Just Imagine (outtake) (01:20)
7.  Lucky In Love (reprise) (outtake) (01:06)
8.  Blue Moon (02:08)
From Words And Music (M-G-M, 1948)
9.  Warm Hands, Cold Heart (outtake) (02:24)
From Duchess Of Idaho (M-G-M, 1950)
10.  Walk Like A Dragon (02:30)
From Walk Like A Dragon (Paramount, 1960)
11.  Sunday In New York (02:32)
From Sunday In New York (M-G-M, 1963)
12.  Love Is Just Around The Corner (live) (03:11)
Introduced in Millions In The Air (Paramount, 1935)
13.  These Desperate Hours (02:14)
From a promotion for The Desperate Hours (Paramount, 1955)
14.  On Green Dolphin Street (02:54)
Introduced in On Green Dolphin Street (M-G-M, 1947)
15.  The Lady's In Love With You (02:58)
Introduced in Some Like It Hot (Paramount, 1939)
16.  Puttin' On The Ritz (02:22)
Introduced in Puttin' On The Ritz (United Artists, 1930)
17.  I Wished On The Moon (03:55)
Introduced in The Big Broadcast Of 1936 (Paramount, 1936)
18.  All That Jazz (03:08)
From A Man Called Adam (Embassy Pictures, 1966)
19.  Monsters Lead Such Interesting Lives (01:43)
From Night Of The Living Duck in Daffy Duck's Quackbusters (Warner Bros., 1988)
20.  Live Alone And Like It (01:45)
From Dick Tracy (Touchstone Pictures, 1990)

Total Duration: 00:54:09
Track listing contributed by Piet van de Merwe

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