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Baseball (1994)

Television Show/Movie/Series Composer(s):
Jesse Carr (traditional music)
Matt Glaser (traditional music)

Released in:

United States

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Nonesuch 79340-2 Image supplied by
David Strohmenger

Nonesuch 79340-2  

United States 
Release Date

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  Track listing

1.  Walt Witman (Quote) (00:48)
Voice of Garrison Keillor
2.  Tame Me Out To The Ballgame (01:34)
Von Tilzer & Northworth with Jacqueline Schwab (Piano)
3.  Star Spangled Banner (01:30)
Performed by Big League Orchestra - Larry Hochman (Conductor)
4.  Hurrah for Our National Game (01:16)
5.  Tame Me Out To the Ball Game (02:04)
Performed by Harvey Hindermeye (1908)
6.  Gee, It's A Wonderful Game (02:48)
7.  Sol White (Quote From History of Colored Baseball)/Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground (01:01)
Voice of Ossie Davis/Blind Willie Johnson (Vocal & Guitar)
8.  Steal Away (02:10)
9.  Babe Ruth Radio Call (00:17)
Circa 1927
10.  Clubhouse Stomp (01:30)
Performed by the New York Hawks
11.  If You Can't Make A Hit at The Ballgame, You Can't Hit with Me (03:27)
Performed by The National Pastime Orchestra
12.  Pound Cake (02:43)
Count Basie and his Orchestra
13.  The Minstrel Boy (01:57)
14.  Joe DiMaggio Radio Call (00:23)
Circa 1937 Voice of Red Barber
15.  Joltin' Joe DiMaggio (02:51)
16.  Kansas City Call (Quote) (00:44)
Voice of Ossie Davis
17.  The Star-Spangled Banner (01:16)
Jacqueline Schwab (Piano)
18.  The New Black-And-Tan Fantasy (02:40)
Performed by Duke Ellington
19.  Jackie Robinson Radio Call (00:22)
Circa 1956 voice of Bob Wolff
20.  Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball? (02:57)
Performed by Natalie Cole
21.  Baseball Boogie (02:46)
Performed by Mabel Scott
22.  Bobby Thompson's Shot Heard 'Round The World (01:24)
Radio Call (October 3, 1951) Voice of Russ Hodges
23.  Take Me Out To The Ballgame (02:07)
Performed by King Curtis
24.  Say Hey (The Willie Mays Song) (03:09)
Performed by The Treniers
25.  Take Me Out To The Ballgame (01:01)
Geroge Rabbai (Trumpet)
26.  Henry Aaron Radio Call/When You and I Were Young Maggie (02:09)
Circa 1974 (Home Run #715: April 8) voice of M. Hamilton/Jacqueline Schwab (Piano)
27.  Take Me Out To The Ballgame (02:52)
Dr. John (Vocal & Piano)
28.  Eulogy For Jackie Robinson (02:07)
Reverend Jesse Jackson
29.  Take Me Out To The Ballgame (02:52)
Performed by Carly Simon
30.  The Sporting News Quote (00:35)
Voice of Amy Madigan
31.  The Star-Spangled Banner (02:18)
Performed by Branford Marsalis & Bruce Hornsby

Total Duration: 00:57:38
Track listing contributed by niceguy1283

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