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Shin Kaitei Gunkan



Shin Kaitei Gunkan (1995)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Masamichi Amano

Released in:


Also known as:
  • Super Atragon (1995)

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ADV Music CSA/001 Image supplied by

ADV Music CSA/001  

Original Release Title
Super Atragon - Metal Pulse Music Edition 
United States 
Release Date

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Collection: 9
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  Track listing

1.  1945, Day of Destiny (05:17)
Tracks 1-9 : "Zero Hours to destruction".
2.  Theme of the Hyuga Family (02:56)
3.  Theme of the Undersea Battleship (Main Title) (01:57)
4.  Departure for the South Pole (02:57)
5.  Giant Column Indra (06:21)
6.  Menace of the Gravity Lenses (02:04)
7.  Theme of the UN Forces (01:34)
8.  Fortress Bimarna, Spotted (04:50)
9.  Theme of Eternal Love / To the Ends of the Deep Blue Sea (Theme of the Voyage of the Ra) (04:50)
10.  The Mystery of the Giant Meteorite (00:40)
Tracks 10-20 : "Memories of the Ocean".
11.  A Battle in the Sky (03:59)
12.  The Return of the Ra (01:10)
13.  The Truth About 1945 (04:51)
14.  Go and Annette (03:58)
15.  Deepening Love (01:57)
16.  Triangle Battle (06:31)
17.  Launch of the Water Dragon (03:48)
18.  Attack of the Super Vibration Wave (03:53)
19.  Decisive Battle / When the Pacific Ocean was Dyed Red (Ra vs. Liberty) (06:40)
20.  Launch into the Unknown (Ending) (02:42)

Total Duration: 01:12:55
Track listing contributed by walensky

King Record Co., Ltd. KICA-308

King Record Co., Ltd. KICA-308  

Release Date

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