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Absent Without Leave



Absent Without Leave (1992)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Don McGlashan
Mark Austin
David Long

Released in:

New Zealand, Great Britain

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Mana 4353022

Mana 4353022  

New Zealand 
Release Date

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  Track listing

1.  I Hear Bells (Long) (04:26)
vocal Don McGlashan
2.  Daisy's Phone Call (McGlashan) (01:40)
3.  Hitching In The Rain (McGlashan/Long/Austin) (01:06)
4.  The Road Is Weary (Austin) (01:33)
vocal Don McGlashan
5.  So Blue Is The Sea (McGlashan) (03:18)
harmonica Jim Edwards, vocal Don McGlashan
6.  Polite Pianist (McGlashan) (01:44)
7.  Little Brown Jug (Trad Arr. McGlashan) (01:22)
8.  The Railway Station (McGlashan/Long/Austin) (01:31)
9.  Ed Comes Home (McGlashan) (01:14)
10.  Sunbeams (McGlashan) (03:40)
vocal Al Hunter
11.  Beneath The Maori Moon (Walter Smith Arr. McGlashan/Long) (01:52)
12.  Ed's Paranoia (McGlashan/Long/Austin) (02:26)
13.  Love Scene (McGlashan) (02:56)
14.  Court Martial (McGlashan) (00:26)
15.  My Stars Are In The Sky (Austin) (02:00)
vocal Don McGlashan
16.  Sunbeams A Cappella Reprise (McGlashan Arr. Austin) (00:43)
vocal Janet Roddick
17.  Daisy Runs Off/Ed Chases (McGlashan/Long/Austin) (01:36)
18.  American Patrol (F.W. Meacham Arr. Austin) (01:37)
19.  Ed's Arrest (McGlashan) (01:34)
20.  Life Can Be A Long Road (Austin) (03:47)
vocal Janet Roddick

Total Duration: 00:40:31
Track listing contributed by carolyn

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