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Jui Kuen II



Jui Kuen II (1994)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Wai Lap Wu
Michael Wandmacher (new score 2000)

Released in:

Hong Kong

Action, Thriller, Foreign

Also known as:
  • Legend Of The Drunken Master (2000, United States)
  • Legend Of Drunken Master, The (2000, United States, new title)
  • Drunken Master II (1994)
  • Drunken Fist II (1994, literal English title)
  • Sui Ken 2 (1994)
  • Zui Quan II (1994, China, Mandarin title)

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Rock Records CH-46012 Image supplied by

Rock Records CH-46012  

Hong Kong 
Release Date

With deluxe booklet and sleeve wrapper.

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  Track listing

1.  The Drunken Master (03:09)
sung by Jackie Chan & other artists
2.  Provocation (02:12)
3.  Circled On All Side (02:13)
4.  Conspiracy (01:39)
5.  Stealing The Jade Seal (00:34)
6.  The First Fight (02:22)
7.  Bayonet (01:08)
8.  To Try Out (01:21)
9.  The Car Chase (00:50)
10.  Searching (01:22)
11.  Wonderful Moment (01:25)
12.  Not Thinking Others (04:22)
sung by unknown artist
13.  Free (01:29)
14.  Mistake (01:27)
15.  Mother And Son (01:35)
16.  The Wild Strong Man (01:45)
17.  Ending Love (04:22)
sung by unknown artist
18.  Gathering Of City (01:35)
19.  The Discussion (01:09)
20.  The Robbery Of Country's Fortune (00:56)
21.  The Hidden Wiseman (01:10)
22.  Marching Forward (01:12)
23.  Real Dragon Does Not Belong To Small Pond (02:59)
24.  Play Around (01:04)
25.  Fan Hon's Lesson (02:07)
26.  Public Insult (01:16)
27.  Regret (01:49)
28.  A Drunken Journey (01:20)
29.  The Hand-To-Hand Combat (02:02)
30.  To Come On Proudly (02:48)
31.  The Drunken Master (03:06)
sung by Jackie Chan & other artists

Total Duration: 00:57:48
Track listing contributed by Eddy

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