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Films Du Futur, Les

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Films Du Futur, Les



Films Du Futur, Les (2003)

Compilation Album Composer(s):
Angelo Badalamenti
David Arnold
Ennio Morricone
Howard Shore
James Newton Howard
Trevor Rabin
Astor Piazzolla
Paul Buckmaster
Carter Burwell
Harald Kloser
John Carpenter
Shirley Walker
Shoji Yamashiro
Edward Nicolay Artemyev
Bernard Herrmann
John Barry
Henry Mancini
Jerry Goldsmith
James Horner
Alan Howarth
Michael Kamen
John Williams
Thomas Wanker
Loïc Pierre

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Milan Records 198 503-2 Image supplied by

Milan Records 198 503-2  

Release Date

Also contains music from:
 Cité Des Enfants Perdus, La
 Mission To Mars
 Twelve Monkeys
 Book Of Shadows: Blair Witch 2
 Sunchaser, The
 Fifth Element, The
 Thirteenth Floor, The
 Escape From L.A.
 Spy Kids
 Fahrenheit 451
 Black Hole, The
 Star Trek: The Motion Picture
 Star Trek III: The Search For Spock
 Escape From New York
 Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
 2001: A Space Odyssey
 Star Wars

Other information
Members who have this label in their:
Collection: 21
Wish list: 5

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  Track listing

Disc/Cassette 1

1.  La Cité des Enfants Perdus - Générique (07:06)
(A. Badalamenti)
2.  Stargate - Stargate Overture (02:56)
(D. Arnold)
3.  Stargate - Giza 1928 (02:10)
(D. Arnold)
4.  Mission to Mars - Ectasy of Love (02:55)
(E. Morricone)
5.  eXistenz - eXistenz (03:01)
(by Antenna)
6.  eXistenz - Metalflesh Game & Podo (03:01)
(H. Shore)
7.  Unbreakable - Unbreakable (03:19)
(J. Newton Howard)
8.  Unbreakable - The Wreck (03:44)
(J. Newton Howard)
9.  Armageddon - Armageddon Suite (05:19)
(T. Rabin)
10.  Twelve Monkeys - Introduccion (00:52)
(A. Piazzolla)
11.  Twelve Monkeys - Cole's First Dream / Volunteer Duty Topside (03:09)
(P. Buckmaster)
12.  Blair Witch 2, Book of Shadows - Rock Water Wind (07:06)
(C. Burwell)
13.  Sunchaser - Sunchaser Overture (04:29)
(M. Jarre)
14.  The Fifth Element - Il Dolce Suono (03:08)
(G. Donizetti)
15.  The 13th Floor - The 13th Floor (03:48)
(H. Kloser & T. Wanker)
16.  The 13th Floor - End of the World (04:27)
(H. Kloser & T. Wanker)
17.  Escape From L.A. - History of L.A. (02:10)
(J. Carpenter & S. Walker)
18.  Spy Kids - Oye Como Spy (02:59)
(R. Rodriguez)
19.  Akira - Kaneda (03:11)
(Y. Shoji)

Disc/Cassette 2

1.  Solaris - Listen to Bach (The Earth) (03:03)
(J.S. Bach)
2.  Solaris - Station (03:21)
(E. Artemeiev)
3.  Fahrenheit 451 - Finale (The Book People) (04:35)
(B. Herrmann)
4.  The Black Hole - Main Title (01:44)
(J. Barry)
5.  Lifeforce - The Lifeforce Theme (03:31)
(H. Mancini)
6.  Star Trek The Motion Picture - The Enterprise (05:56)
(J. Goldsmith)
7.  Star Trek III - Prologue and Main Title (06:27)
(J. Horner)
8.  Escape From New York - Escape From New York (02:08)
(J. Carpenter & A. Howarth)
9.  Brazil - Brazil / Sam Lowry's 1st Dream (02:10)
(A. Barroso)
10.  Brazil - Waiting For Daddy / Sam Lowry's Wetter Dream (03:01)
(M. Kamen)
11.  Metropolis - Les Jardins (03:45)
(L. Pierre)
12.  Close Encounters of the Third Kind - Main Theme (06:59)
(J. Williams) not the original soundtrack
13.  Alien - Main Theme (04:42)
(J. Goldsmith) not the original soundtrack
14.  2001 A Space Odyssey - Ainsi parlait Zarathoustra (01:48)
(R. Strauss)
15.  Star Wars - Main Theme (05:24)
(J. Williams) not the original soundtrack

Total Duration: 02:07:24
Track listing contributed by georgelopez19

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