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All Over Me



All Over Me (1997)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Leisha Hailey
Miki Navazio

Released in:

United States

Drama, Romance, Indie

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TVT Records TVT 8110-2  

United States 
Release Date

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  Track listing

1.  Hello (04:47)
Performed by Babes In Toyland
2.  Ellen and Claude Jammin (00:36)
Composed by Miki Navazio
3.  Shy (04:42)
Performed by Ani DiFranco
4.  Hole In The Ground (04:22)
Performed by Helium
5.  I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone (02:36)
Performed by Sleater-Kinney
6.  Game Song (03:19)
Performed by Tuscadero
7.  Jackie Blue (04:05)
Performed by The Ozark Mountain Daredevils
8.  Claude Sees Ellen And Mark (01:08)
Composed by Miki Navazio
9.  Squeezebox Days (04:21)
Performed by The Murmurs
10.  Dragon Lady (04:49)
Performed by The Geraldine Fibbers
11.  Dynamite (03:17)
Performed by Alison Piptone
12.  Empty Glasses (02:38)
Performed by The Amps
13.  Descent (03:45)
Performed by Remy Zero
14.  6 M Jullander Shere (06:23)
Performed by Cornershop
15.  The Kiss (01:11)
Composed by Miki Navazio
16.  Dimming Soul (06:04)
Performed by Michelle Malone
17.  Pissing In A River (04:40)
Performed by The Patti Smith Group
18.  Superglider (02:42)
Performed by Drugstore
19.  Finale (01:59)
Composed by Miki Navazio
20.  Something Burning (09:50)
Performed by 12 Rounds

Total Duration: 01:17:14
Track listing contributed by modtang

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