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Happy Feet



Happy Feet (2006)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
John Powell

Released in:

Australia, United States

Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Musical, Family

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Collection: 109
Wish list: 12

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Atlantic Records/WEA 94646

Atlantic Records/WEA 94646  

United States 
Release Date

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Collection: 70
Wish list: 8

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  Track listing

1.  The Huddle (02:22)
2.  The Eggs Hatch (00:39)
3.  Birth of Mumble (01:43)
4.  Wives Ho! (04:07)
5.  Singing Lessons (02:18)
6.  The Skua Birds (02:30)
7.  In My Room (01:22)
8.  Graduation (01:35)
9.  Fish (01:42)
10.  Leopard Seal (03:01)
11.  Adelieland (03:02)
12.  Bob's Led (01:33)
13.  Finding Aliens (01:47)
14.  Lovelace's Pile (03:03)
15.  If I Could Sing (00:45)
16.  Exile (02:18)
17.  The Leader of the Pack (01:25)
18.  Finding Lovelace (02:39)
19.  Gloria Joins (03:04)
20.  The Hill (01:21)
21.  Fun Food Storm (05:19)
22.  Killer Whales (02:52)
23.  The Alien Ships (04:46)
24.  In the Zoo (03:20)
25.  First Contact (01:46)
26.  Mumble Returns (01:34)
27.  Tap Versus Chant (02:56)
28.  The Helicopter (00:53)
29.  Communication (01:58)

Total Duration: 01:07:40

Atlantic/Warner Bros. 83998

Atlantic/Warner Bros. 83998  

United States 
Release Date

Other information
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Collection: 37
Wish list: 4

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  Track listing

1.  The Song Of The Heart (04:35)
Performed by Prince
2.  Hit Me Up (03:16)
Performed by Gia Farrell
3.  Tell Me Something Good (03:10)
Performed by Pink
4.  Somebody To Love (03:47)
Performed by Brittany Murphy
5.  I Wish (03:31)
Performed by Fantasia Barrino, Patti LaBelle and Yolanda Adams
6.  Jump N' Move (03:22)
Performed by The Brand New Heavies, featuring Jamalski
7.  Do It Again (02:26)
Performed by The Wondermints
8.  The Joker/Everything I Own (04:05)
Performed by Jason Mraz and Chrissie Hynde
9.  My Way (A Mi Manera) (01:44)
Performed by Robin Williams
10.  Kiss/Heartbreak Hotel (02:36)
Performed by Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman
11.  Boogie Wonderland (05:09)
Performed by Brittany Murphy
12.  Golden Slumbers/The End (04:16)
Performed by K.D. Lang
13.  The Story of Mumble Happy Feet (05:50)
Score Composed by John Powell

Total Duration: 00:47:47

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