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Jerry Cotton - FBI's Top Man

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Jerry Cotton - FBI's Top Man



Jerry Cotton - FBI's Top Man (2010)

Compilation Album Composer(s):
Peter Thomas

Released in:


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Chris' Soundtrack Corner CSC 005/All Score Media ASM 033  

Original Release Title
Jerry Cotton - FBI's Top Man 
Release Date

Also contains music from:
 FBI Man Jerry Cotton
 Schüsse Aus Dem Geigenkasten
 Mordnacht In Manhattan
 Um Null Uhr Schnappt Die Falle Zu
 Rechnung - Eiskalt Serviert, Die
 Mörderclub Von Brooklyn, Der
 Dynamit In Grüner Seide
 Tod Im Roten Jaguar, Der
 Todesschüsse Am Broadway

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  Track listing

1.  Caught At Midnight (02:06)
2.  Jerry & Phil (00:57)
3.  Jerry Cotton March (03:16)
4.  Jerry 67 (02:19)
5.  French Girl In Manhattan (Alternate Version) (02:11)
sung By Marie France
6.  Cristallo Cristallo (02:47)
7.  Brooklyn By Night (02:44)
8.  Big Troubles (01:06)
9.  Hello, Jerry! (01:44)
10.  My Friend Phil (02:16)
11.  Jaguar Beat (01:04)
12.  Crime Doesn't Pay (02:01)
13.  Two Voices Blues (02:11)
sung By Marie France & James D. Atterley
14.  Love Is Swinging In The Air (Instrumental) (01:39)
15.  Take It, Jerry (02:27)
16.  Always Jerry (02:12)
17.  Red Robin Bossa (01:50)
18.  Cotton Beat (02:17)
19.  Superman Is Callin' (02:20)
sung By Kerry & Kaye
20.  In Soho (01:49)
21.  Walking On The 'Dachfirst' (01:06)
22.  Love Is Swinging In The Air (Vocal) (02:28)
sung By Nina Westen
23.  Skyline Temptation (03:18)
24.  Ask Me Later, Alligator (02:43)
25.  Manhattan Inn (02:23)
26.  Jewellery Party (02:01)
27.  Charming Jerry (02:12)
28.  Goodbye, Jerry! (00:50)

Total Duration: 00:58:17
Track listing contributed by Ivan Sorokin

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