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Snakeskin (2001)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Joost Langeveld

Released in:

New Zealand

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Festival Mushroom Records/Mana Music 334532 Image supplied by
Charles Eggen

Festival Mushroom Records/Mana Music 334532  

New Zealand 
Release Date

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  Track listing

1.  Bigger Than Texas (03:47)
The Renderers
2.  Way I Walk (02:47)
Robert Gordon
3.  Ridin' The daisy Train (03:30)
Brother Love with Reta Le Quesne
4.  When My Wahine Does The Poi (02:22)
Bill Wolfgramm and his Islanders featuring Daphne Walker
5.  Short Haired Rock N Roll (02:09)
The Terrorways
6.  An It Was Easy (02:48)
Darcy Clay
7.  Sugar Town (02:21)
Nancy Sinatra
8.  Golden Goose (04:40)
9.  Sugar Baby (02:57)
Dock Boggs
10.  Leaving Again (01:54)
Space Dust
11.  Some Velvet Morning (03:33)
Space Dust
12.  Dream A Little Dream Of Me (03:12)
Mama Cass
13.  Troubled Land (03:05)
King Loser
14.  The Crystal Chain (06:03)
The Subliminals
15.  Lucky Dub (04:25)
Mr Reliable
16.  Conspriacy Dub (06:27)
Salmonella Dub
17.  Recreation Myths (05:27)
Epsilon Blue
18.  Data Diviner (08:01)
Pitch Black
19.  Doris Day's Calamity Jane (02:26)

Total Duration: 01:11:54
Track listing contributed by Charles Eggen

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