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Hammer Film Music Collection, The - Vol.1

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Hammer Film Music Collection, The - Vol.1



Hammer Film Music Collection, The - Vol.1 (1999)

Compilation Album Composer(s):
James Bernard
Harry Robinson (as Harry Robinson)
Franz Reizenstein
Laurie Johnson
Don Ellis
Mario Nascimbene
Christopher Gunning
Carlo Martelli
David Whitaker
Tristram Cary
Malcolm Williamson

Released in:

Great Britain

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GDI Records GDICD002 Image supplied by
Bret Wheadon

GDI Records GDICD002  

Great Britain 
Release Date

Conducted by Marcus Dodds, Franco Ferrara, John Hollingsworth and Philip Martell.

Also contains music from:
 Devil Rides Out, The
 Twins Of Evil
 Mummy, The
 Moon Zero Two
 Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed
 When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth
 Kiss Of The Vampire, The
 Gorgon, The
 Scars Of Dracula
 Hands Of The Ripper
 Curse Of The Mummy's Tomb, The
 Vampire Lovers, The
 Creatures The World Forgot
 Curse Of Frankenstein, The
 Dr. Jekyll And Sister Hyde
 Lust For A Vampire
 Quatermass And The Pit
 Countess Dracula
 Brides Of Dracula, The
 Blood From The Mummy's Tomb
 Legend Of The 7 Golden Vampires, The
 Taste The Blood Of Dracula

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  Track listing

1.  The Devil Rides Out (01:38)
James Bernard
2.  Twins Of Evil (01:48)
Harry Robinson
3.  The Mummy (01:40)
Franz Reizenstein
4.  Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter (03:08)
Laurie Johnson
5.  Dracula (01:50)
James Bernard
6.  Moon Zero Two (03:30)
Don Ellis
7.  Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed (00:49)
James Bernard
8.  When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth (01:50)
Mario Nascimbene
9.  The Kiss Of The Vampire (01:53)
James Bernard
10.  The Gorgon (02:00)
James Bernard
11.  Scars Of Dracula (02:01)
James Bernard
12.  Hands Of The Ripper (01:48)
Christopher Gunning
13.  The Curse Of The Mummy's Tomb (01:55)
Carlo Martelli
14.  The Vampire Lovers (01:38)
Harry Robinson
15.  Creatures The World Forgot (01:48)
Mario Nascimbene
16.  The Curse Of Frankenstein (01:42)
James Bernard
17.  Dr. Jekyll & Sister Hyde (01:42)
David Whitaker
18.  Lust For A Vampire (02:20)
Harry Robinson
19.  Quatermass And The Pit (02:30)
Tristram Cary
20.  Countess Dracula (01:33)
Harry Robinson
21.  She (04:14)
James Bernard
22.  The Brides Of Dracula (01:22)
Malcolm Williamson
23.  Blood From The Mummy's Tomb (02:34)
Tristram Cary
24.  The Legend Of The 7 Golden Vampires (03:10)
James Bernard
25.  Taste The Blood Of Dracula (02:49)
James Bernard

Total Duration: 00:53:12
Track listing contributed by William Wass

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