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Tremors (1990)

Ernest Troost, Robert Folk (uncredited), Reba McEntire (song "Why Not Tonight") 

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A really fun score,
Alex (June 14, 2007)
This review is based on Ernest Troost's (mostly) rejected score. Though I do love the superb action music composer Robert Folk wrote to replace most of Troost's music, I can't see why the original score was rejected, becuase it's a hell of a lot of fun! There'a a great main theme, kinda intentionally clumsy at times, first introduced on the harmonica in "Titles/Opening Sequence" but first given a solid orchestral rendition in "On the ROcks/Graboid/Uzi4U". The theme is explored with strings and brass for a full, gaunty effect in track 7 and 8. In additon to this fun theme, Troost writes some excellent action and horror music, best exemplified in the 7-minute "Something's Wrong". The composer also provides some western-flavored tunes, i.e. "Val & Earl/Rhonda", which offer a nice reprieve from the more thematic writing. This is a fun, original score that, while perhaps inferior to the epic-sounding stuff Folk wrote in replacement, is nonetheless a blast to listen to. A rare, but highly recommended score.

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