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7th Voyage Of Sinbad, The



7th Voyage Of Sinbad, The (1958)

Bernard Herrmann 

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the many aspects of this classic recording
by a soundtrack collector (May 21, 2007)
The original mono Colpix 504 is still worth money today if you can find it. Thankfully, there are newer versions of this score both in original format and re-recorded. For the Herrmann purist, the Sarabande LP or British and Japanes LPs are the best the first being in Stereol.

The British vinyl recordings are available with much better mono sound than the Sarabande stereo, so this is worth looking for if you can tolerate vinyl. Collectors
might be interested in the 1980 CD of the origianal score released in stereo by Sarabande, but unfortunately, its way overpriced considering their is fourty five seconds of the second reprisal of the overture MISSING in this CD recording. The story is that the transfer copy to CD had some distortion in this spot and they just cut it out and released the CD as is. The
missing part of the Overture is nothing short of disgusting, and it is a shame this happened.

Their is a glimmer of hope available! For those who love this music immensely, find a copy of the so - called bootleg CD (soundtrack library CD82) which has the complete music soundtrack (wow") and though in mono, the sound is digitally remastered with pure crisp clean sound emanating. This is truly worth finding and so rewarding!

For the record, the re- recording by Denby and Scottish
National Orchestra is very good. The sound is great , if
a bit over-reverberant , in stereo and is great to listen to although the rythem and pace on many of the cues are a bit slow. Herrrmann wrote them this way, of course, but the original movie soundtrack, which by the way, was conducted by Kurt Graunke (there was a musicians strike in 1958 and Sinbad and Vertigo were
not conducted by the composer) is vivid and much more to the pace of the film. However , the Denby recording gives you almost the whole film score, like the CD 82 soundtrack library version. Hopefully, someone will re record this classic music AGAIN, with all the cues hopefully totally in synchronization with the timing of the orignially released and further released recordings by Colpix, Sarabande, and now CD 62 Library recordings.

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