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American Anthem



American Anthem (1986)

Alan Silvestri 

Released in:

So proudly this fails well before the twilight's last gleaming.
Victor Field (December 25, 2003)
Lorimar had lots of success in TV (from "The Waltons" through "Dallas" to a load of sappy sitcoms before they were absorbed into Warner Bros. Television) but the company never succeeded in conquering the big screen, and dreary movies like "American Anthem" are the reason why. The soundtrack album was another letdown - except for John Parr's "Two Hearts," most of the songs are Dull with a capital D (especially the snooze-inducing contributions from Andy Taylor). Alan Silvestri only has two tracks of his music totalling about five and a half minutes, and none of it is the stirring orchestral music that's throughout the film; rather we get the synth music that's associated with the brother of Janet Jones's character - pleasant to listen to, but I'd have swapped this for the finale and end credits music any day.

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